Find out about the two best ever players for Arsenal!

Arsenal’s Top Two Greatest Players

Arsenal Football Club has had many wonderful players. But who are the very best in the Club’s history? Who are the two greatest players of all time? While this choice will to a large extent be personal, there are facts that cannot be altered, and, according to those, these are the top two. 

Number Two: Dennis Bergkamp 1995 -2006

The only word to adequately describe Dennis Bergkamp’s career with Arsenal is genius. He had the right touch, fantastic flair, and terrific technique. There was very little, in fact, which this Dutchman could not do. His quality as a player helped Arsenal to soar to new heights, and in a world that is so frequently dominated by statistics and science, Bergkamp’s artistry was like no other player in history. His was a football of feeling, one that had no time for figures.

Bergkamp’s Two Defining Moments

Many footballers are remembered for one great moment of play, but Dennis Bergkamp had two, both of which will be very fondly remembered not just by spectators, but by punters who enjoy online betting in Australia and around the rest of the world these days. The first, in a game for Holland against the Argentineans, and the second for Arsenal, against what had become a cut off Newcastle defence, remain standing today as magnificent. Both moments displayed the kind of awareness and touch only seen in the very finest players, and were dominated by imagination, creativity and skill.

Bergkamp was risky, but, paradoxically, reliable as well. He played with incredible distinction, but was always dependable as well, and only true genius can manage this kind of imbalance. Only a gift can create the kind of beauty on field which Bergkamp did from such incredible instability. The blend of hard work and raw talent is potent, and are the ingredients which make a master, something which Bergkamp will always epitomise.

Thierry Henry is the Top Arsenal Player of All Time

Thierry Henry played for Arsenal from 1999 to 2017, and, to put it simply, changed how The Beautiful Game is played. The pace and power combined with sublime skill that Henry brought to the field is one of the reasons there are so many Arsenal supporters worldwide today.

It is something special to see when one witnesses a once-in-a-generation player doing what he does best, and Arsenal lucked out with Henry in this regard. When he appeared alongside Bergkamp, flanked by Ljungerg and Pires, the foursome brought to life the reason behind why football is described as The Beautiful Game. They shared a level of skill, awareness, and flair that 99% of players would not even be able to dream of replicating and none more so than Henry.

Henry scored a total of 226 goals in 369 games, and holds the all-time record. But, unlike Ian Wright, Henry provided more than just goals. The superior striker was actively involved in how Arsenal played. He had an almost telepathic relationship with Bergkamp, and his game was out of this world. It is truly sensational to watch Henry if full flight, floating across the pitch and veritably dancing his way around the defenders who opposed him!

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