Who says last night wasn’t Good Enough?

This morning I have had a few people saying to me that Arsenal are shocking and where are we at the moment. One even said to me that Barcelona would have thrashed the German Champions where we only managed a draw. All I can say to that is we are not Barcelona and any honest Gunners fan will say that we are miles behind the Spanish champions. What we are is better than we were at the beginning of the season, Arsenal is going through a transitional phase and we are not the invincibles of yesteryear that is clear. But what we are is planning on moving forward, we are moving into the new generation. Yes we lost Fab and Nasri, but we are getting rid of players that don’t want to be at the club and moving the cub ‘Finally’ into a new era. So for those of you who don’t think last night was a success I say to you…

Bollocks…. Away to the German Champions and to snatch a draw is a sign that things are turning around. Yes you might say that at the end of the day they had the run of the play, but this is the Champion’s league and the home side always has a massive advantage. If you had asked fans before the game if they would take a draw 90% would have said “hell yes”. When they come to the Emirates it will be a different story.

There seemed to be a “Song” in the air as it was great to have Alex back in the team, he played really well and added that spine that was needed in the midfield. Szczesny again for me was great he really has come on so well and last season was the experience that he needed to cement himself as a top class goalie. He is only 21 and he himself has said he wants to play for Arsenal for 20 years. Imagine not having goalie problems for 20 years that would just be great.

At the back we were rather solid, Gibbs was far better than the Swansea game as he did not leave as many gaping holes in the defense. Koscielny I thought was a standout performer he really showed that he is the right man for the job. Mertesaker is getting better with every game and I have no doubt that soon he will be back to his very best. The tall German has added something that we miss and his style of play will complement our fast defenders nicely.

As far as the rest of the team, they all did ok, there was no one that I was ripping my hair out to. Walcott though could still improve that decision making, sometimes it is simply poor.

So overall I am happy with the result, our new signings are slipping in nicely and I only see things improving from here. I have the faith and I personally cannot wait for all the boys to get back from injury, then we can really start to push.


  1. Nice one mate... We r getting beta.. Can't wait 4 our blackburn game

  2. Indeed my man Arteta is my best I hope he does well

  3. Finally,this is my happy weekend.

  4. I think 7th is the best we can hope for

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  5. I am a fan of Bercelona but sometimes I also enjoy Arsenal. They getting fast improve. Hope, their best of luck.