Wenger Answers Questions About Lacazette Substitution

If there is one football topic that is doing the rounds and getting Arsenal fans, all riled up, its Wenger’s decision to begin substituting Lacazette. Whether it’s the constant criticism from the press, or at the behest of the management team, Arsense Wenger has finally opened up about why he is slowly bringing Alexandre Lacazette into the Arsenal first team squad.

Lacazette left his French team, Lyon and signed with the Gunners in July this year. Since relocating to the Emirates, he has shown a strong start and seems to have adapted well to the pressures and expectations demanded of him. The 26-year-olds striker scored six goals in just 13 Premier League games along with one assist; and that has been this season alone. All in all, it seems he looks to be in great shape, is a good bet, and is ready to handle whatever comes his way.

It was all the more confusing then, when Wenger decided to start Lacazette on the bench against log leaders Manchester City earlier this month. This was not the only time Lacazette was side-lined. He was also pulled off before full time on nine occasions, prompting fans to wonder what Wenger is playing at, as his actions are as unpredictable as the results of the online slots NZ has to offer, only less rewarding!

Adding Variation in Attacks

The good news is Arsenal’s manager has come forward to explain his thinking behind the moves when he spoke to the press earlier this week. When asked why he substituted Lacazette regularly this season, Wenger replied that firstly, he would like to point out that his job is to substitute strikers more often than defenders. The reason is because strikers have to create, to provoke and be completely incisive on every run out he said.

In his second point, he explained that while Lacazette adapts well to the physical pressures of the Premier League, Wenger does have other options on the bench. These are players who are fresh and can give the team more variation in attacks. While this may have satiated some, others will feel Lacazette is not being used to his full potential.

The Frenchman will be hoping to start and play a full 90 minutes going forward, when the Gunners play at home. Their 1-0 win over Burnley on Saturday did enough to keep them in fourth place on the table. They are currently sitting on 25 points, one point below Chelsea, 7 points behind Manchester United and a full 12 points behind log leaders Manchester City.

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