The Fabregas Saga Continues…

So the Saga continues, Fabregas, will he won’t he, it’s all that is on any Gunners fan’s mind. Barcelona want Cesc Fabregas to go on strike next week to force a cut-price move from Arsenal. Can you believe this, Barcelona are fast becoming my most hated side and that’s not easy to accomplish considering that there are the likes of Spurs and United to contend with. But what do Barcelona think will happen, it comes down to Cesc and Arsenal and Barcelona can do nothing but meet our price…

If Fabregas decides to do this he will ruin his reputation in England not to mention the world, for a player to throw a tantrum will have you branded a Balotelli…but Cesc is not like this I do not think he will go on strike he has too much class, if he does it will be a shock to me and the rest of Arsenal I am sure. Whether Cesc shows up for the first day of training will be on everyone’s minds and could be the deciding move in this drama.

However Barcelona for all their belief in their power could end up with pie on their faces, if Arsenal hold firm. It will also shatter the image of loyalty Cesc has tried to cultivate despite publicly admitting he dreams of returning home to Barca. And then he could have burnt bridges at both ends. I don’t envy Fabregas for having to make this decision, I just would like for the transfer rumors to end, one way or the other.

Barcelona think they can dictate the situation, they believe they own Fabregas; I hope Cesc can see how unprofessional they are going about this. I hope Uefa step in and fine Barca just for being complete toss heads. If they want him they must meet our asking price plain and simple, if he wants to win trophies (Arsenal will win some next season “Faith”) then he must tell Barcelona to pay the full price. Bottom line is Arsenal do not need to budge and the ball is in Barcelona’s court.


  1. Indeed. Highly unprofessional and pathetic approach frm Barca. I so they hate them.

  2. I love Fab and wish he would stay....I hate Barcelona

  3. How pathetic --- Barca need to grow up and start acting professionally!
    Well lets face it so does Cesc. He has shown no commitment to Arsenal the last 12 months, and think we should just cash in now! We have a SUPERB replacement in Rambo, seeing as Arsene "Tight-As-A-Gnats-Backside" Wenger will NEVER spend any money.

  4. Barça just need to learn how to let go.