Now is the Time for the Mohamed Elneny Project

If ever there was a good time for the Mohamed Elneny project, this is definitely it. The defence for Arsenal Football Club is in dire need of able-bodied players, and, for this reason, Mohamed Elneny, the dashing figure of the Emirates, should possibly once again be called upon for his disrespected project. 

The Gunners’ Defence is Going to be Stretched

Arsenal’s defensive line is going to be stretched thin. This is directly as a result of Arsene Wenger’s decision to sell of Gabriel Paulista and not make any attempt to replace him. Thanks to the added absence of Shkodran Mustafi, the Gunners’ defences will be dropped somewhat low.

Dropped so far down, in fact, that somebody is going to have to be put to use without adequate rest, and we all know that this is never a good thing. Especially in light of the less than ideal health of both Calum Chambers and Laurent Koscielny, a tough situation, especially with five matches in only 14 days. 

Open the Vault and Dust off the Mohamed Elneny Project

Many people initially through that the time had come to call Krystian Bielik, but, in light of the fact that his health status is in limbo as well, it really might be a good time to open up the vault. Perhaps, after a good dusting, the Mohamed Elneny Project may be worthwhile after all.

The punters who enjoy football betting thanks to the online gambling NZ and the rest of the planet now makes available will remember when Elneny was used at the centre-back position in the preseason game. Everyone was left scratching their heads to a degree, but this is the perfect time to do that once again! Emergency times call for emergency measures, and, with the Arsenal’s second-best defender out for an extended period of time, there may well be no other alternative.
Two Ways Out for Arsenal

There are just two remedies to the current situation: stretch a frail, unhealthy defence even thinner, or repurpose another player, the latter begin a preferred pastime of Arsene Wenger.

Of course Wenger will probably emerge from this scenario saying that this was, in fact, why Elneny was initially place at the centre-back position, and behave as if this was part of some genius long-term project of his, but, until we can see how it goes, we won’t know if this will work or not. His approach to sports psychology is often unorthodox but no one can deny he gets results.

Elneny is a quality football player, who, if the right circumstances were there, would be able to do a very good, solid, dependable job. And, at this point, seeing how frazzled and exhausted the defence line is, is possibly the best that Arsenal can ask for.

It should not be forgotten, either, that Elneny has written his name into the history of football thanks to the part he played during Egypt’s historic victory in Sunday night’s game. Liverpool’s Salah hogged the headlines, but Elneny also played his part in front of the 80 000-strong crowd.

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