6 reasons why Arsenal need Scott Parker

With the West Ham skipper wanting a move back to the premiership, teams are on alert. Scott Parker has leadership, experience and quality so the Gunners would be silly not to not make an inquiry for the England International.


A huge problem that has been plaguing Arsenal since the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira left Arsenal. Since then they have never really found a replacement and critics have labeled this as a reason for the lack of big match temperament. Scott Parker is the captain of West Ham and wants a move back to the Premiership; a proven leader is just what the Gunners need.


At 31 the England international has been plying his trade for many a year and has battled through injuries to Captain the Hammers. With 38 games for West Ham last season netting an impressive 7 goals, Parker shows that there is no substitute for experience. Something that the Gunners have needed this year Parker would be a great asset.

Squad strength:

There are those that believe that parker would not however be able to make the First team and would sit on the bench. Even if this is the case Arsenal need to improve squad strength. With injuries last season players like Rosicky and Denilson had to fill in. Many people believe that players like these are the reason Arsenal could not mount a challenge.

Players leaving:

This leads me to my next point, players that are leaving Arsenal, with players such as Denilson and Rosicky surely on their way out and big guns Nasri and Fabregas playing with the line of “will we, won’t we” Arsenal could find themselves short in the midfield department. Parker is the perfect fit hard working and determined a vital cog in any engine room. So if Arsenal is going to lose class they are going to need some in the form of Parker.


There is no denying the class of Scott Parker, anyone who has wanted him play for West Ham and England can see that. He missed out on the PFA award but was named the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year. Not just anyone wins that award, so those critics who say he is not good enough just look at the facts. His determination and ability to run the midfield would be a huge asset to Arsenal and their attempts for glory next season.

Bargain deal:

With West Ham relegated Parker is set to go on the cheap, with the fee in the region of around 6 million pounds it would be a real travesty if Arsenal let this go by. For a player of Parkers leadership and experience the price is right up the Gunners alley and with Wenger being prone to under spending this could be a real opportunity for him.


  1. I have to agree with you arsenal need him

  2. I dont think so. he has terrible ball control and lacks vision. he is the typical Englishman, relying to too much brute force than skill. and in Wenger's time i dont remember a single one of those players. even all the CDMs we had were/are technically sound. success at west ham(they still got relegated) doesnt mean success at arsenal.

  3. @Swarnadeep I disagree with you and agree with True Gun, What about Gilberto, Ray Parlor, Grimaldi...he is technically sound in my opinion and he would not have won writers player of the year for his good looks. I agree that he if West Ham were relegated then it couldn't have been much success then....but I would Love Arsenal to get him

  4. Gilberto, Parlor and Grimandi were technically betetr than him anyday!
    and besides he is 30+. and he just had the best season in a West Ham shirt after ALL these years. Not sure that he is the one for us now.

  5. You dreaming Swarnadeep Parker is a Perfect Fit for Arsenal