Time To Dig Deep

Bottom line is Arsenal just were not good enough yesterday. Some of you will say but we have so many injuries and suspensions that things would have been different had we had a full squad. Fair enough but the fact remains that we probably still would have taken 3. We have dropped off the pace of the likes of City and United by some way. You may argue that City can just buy who they want, but Arsenal should never have let themselves fall this far behind.

In times like this it is really hard to keep the Faith, but I think it is this that makes us the great. Saying this my Faith will not waver in Arsenal but there are issues that need to voiced. Sure we might say that Wenger had no choice to put out a team that Wolves could have dispatched, but what needs to be addressed is the fact that this problem should have been dealt with a long time ago. With 2 days left in the Transfer Window the fans want to bloody well know for once and for all is it the board or is it Wenger. Does Wenger have these funds and he is just sitting on his arse or are the board holding onto that money, because it means more profit and financial gain for them. For my part it is the board, because Wenger is no idiot, no man who has accomplished what he has can be an idiot. If it were Wenger someone in his staff or on the board surely would have said to Wenger “what the F#%K are you doing Hurry up and make a signing worth mentioning”. If it is the board then, what is their problem, can they not see the bigger picture? By doing this Arsenal are taking 10 steps backwards and good players are not going to want to come to the Gunners. More so you can forget our fan base growing at the continued rate, in fact many of those young and fringe supporters may get fed up and move on. I don’t care if they do, but from a boards point of view it means less revenue, which goes against their whole stingy personality.

Very soon we could see fans rioting in the streets, with the highest ticket prices in England we want to see value for our money, not that Nightmare on Sunday (all be it that it was at Old Trafford). Plain and simple it just isn’t good enough it is time for the players, Arsene and the board to dig deep (in their pockets hopefully), this is Arsenal not Blackburn we are the team of legends and the fans of players like Adams, Bergkamp and Henry not Troare, Vela and Squillaci. It’s time things got serious players need to be brought in or heads need to roll and I don’t mean Wenger I mean on the board. Cahill, Baines and Hazard are the top of my list to help fix the crisis that is looming at the Emirates and hopefully these deals can be done now as I feel this is the only possible solution to combat the growing tide of anger and frustration.

We are looking like a team that should not be in the Champions league and frankly it makes tears come to my eyes. For a club that ranks as the most important thing in my life to be like this. Wenger has changed a club that before was to be fair pretty mediocre, to turn on him now would not be right….however to turn on the board would very fitting. Those billionaire owners have more money than God and for them not to fork it out is a crime. Yes we like to see our youth come through, but we cannot just rely on youth, it needs to be the right mix between youth and experience, that to be quite honest United are doing perfectly.

Its Time Arsenal, to repay all this Faith and Trust and it’s time to put your Money literally where your mouth is.


  1. I couldnt agree more, In Arsene we trust, this board needs to be killed

  2. I want Wenger out I am yet to see a trophy in my time Supporting Arsenal...time o bring in fresh ideas

  3. Roger the Dodger29 August 2011 at 07:20

    You are dreaming Jerry the Gunners fans love Wenger I am a Pool fan and I even think he is the man for the job

  4. I am so depressed, I can't watch another game all season

  5. You have to keep your head up, all teams go through hard times, It is how we get through this that will make us stronger