Top 5 Premier League Managers

Football is something that can bring entire nations together, and your favourite team can mean a great deal to you. Websites such as Olybet provide great betting odds on your favorite teams. However, the teams we know and love would be nothing without their managers, and over the years we’ve certainly had some fantastic managers as a part of our premier league. We have put together a list of 5 of the top managers to take you down memory lane and remember the true heroes of the premier league.

1) Sir Alex Ferguson

There’s no way we could put this list together without including Sir Alex, and for good reason. Ferguson managed to win 13 Premier League titles as manager, which was more than half of all Premier Leagues his team were involved in. Since his retirement, it is clear that a huge gap has been left in football, and it seems unlikely that anyone else will ever be able to live up to the excellency that Ferguson brought to the table.

2) Arsene Wenger

Second only to Ferguson when it comes to Premier League titles won, Wenger has certainly helped Arsenal to reach great heights within the Premier League. Indeed, this excellent manager was responsible for the one and only undefeated league run in history – a feat that seems unlikely to be repeated at any point in the near future. His revolutionary ideas helped to transform the Premier League, and it seems certain that his influence will be strong for many years to come.

3) Antonio Conte

It may seem as though it’s early days to be putting Conte in a list like this – but we think it’s just as much about potential as anything else. As only the second manager to lead his team to victory in his first ever Premier League season, Conte had to work incredibly hard to lift Chelsea – who were not in a good position at the time – towards their win. The formation of three at the back that Conte adopted has been copied by many other teams in the league, showing just how influential this manager is.

4) Claudio Ranieri

Sometimes, something happens in the world of football that leaves everyone stunned, and nothing shows this more than Leicester City’s Premier League win. Claudio Ranieri was the man at the helm for this victory, and although he had a lot of support from the rest of the training team at the club, it is clear that his leadership was key when it came to getting the most out of each and every player in the team. He had also done a good job at Chelsea before getting the manager’s role at Leicester, but we’re fairly certain we know what he’ll be remembered for the most.

5) Manuel Pellegrini

In charge of Manchester City, Pellegrini managed to become one of just nine managers to win a Premier League title, which is no small feat. Pellegrini helped the team to develop one of the best attacking sides seen for a number of years, leading to many clubs following their lead to try and copy their style. There is no doubt that Pellegrini has made his mark on the competition thanks to his work with City.

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