Parker, Cahill, and What it means to be a man

So Arsenal is off in Asia, except Fabregas (apparently he is injured, but who really knows), if you saw the footage of the team you would have seen them all smiles signing autographs for their fans. All that is, except for Nasri, I don’t think once during the interviews did I see him muster a smile (not going to read into this though..). So onto what I am here to say, I still am a huge believer that Arsenal need to sign Parker, and now it is rumored that 2 big clubs are gunning for a player who many of you have told me is not good enough for Arsenal. Next is Cahill, the mighty Cahill if we sign him you will see smiles all around, lastly the Jack tells us what it means to be a man.

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he doesn’t really want Scott Parker, I can’t see why and most Arsenal fans would love to see the Writers Player of the year join Arsenal. There were however some who believed he wasn’t of high enough quality and was to old….to that I scoff at, firstly to old, really (never stopped us buying useless over the hill players before Silvestre and Squillaci ring some bells). Secondly why would Chelsea and Spurs want a player with no quality, if he is good enough for them he is good enough for us….I stand by my 6 reasons to sign Scott Parker.

The deadline that Bolton gave us to sign Cahill is upon us and nothing concrete has made itself evident. With the signing of Gervinho and Arsene stating that he will fight to keep Cesc and the greedy Frenchman Nasri, the signing of Cahill would be direct indication of our intent to challenge for everything. Cahill has been dubbed my dream signing of the transfer window.

Now lastly the Jack, Mr Wilshere had some inspiring “my Blood is RED” statements to say about loyalty, everything we like to hear from our players.

If you are loyal, it means you are a real man,” Wilshere was quoted as saying by the Telegraph. “We have got loyalty at Arsenal and players have shown that in the past. Cesc showed that last year and hopefully a few more players will show it this year.

“Loyalty is a big part of football and it shows if you are a real man or not. There have been a few players who have shown Arsenal great loyalty and hopefully we will get a few more like that.”

Good on you Jack, nothing better, if we lived in a perfect world Nasri and Fab would stay and we would bring in Cahill, then next season would look very bright for us Guns…..Keep the Faith.


  1. Jack Wilshere is my Hero

  2. Cahill is also on my top player, really thought he was a rock at Bolton last season....Jack Wilshere is right though and this makes me even more sure we need to buy Englishmen