Do Arsenal Need a Defender?

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that have been using the statement “we trust Wenger, don’t be negative” as their by line and saying that our current Arsenal side is good enough. What’s more is that Wenger has made comments that indicate possibly there won’t be a defender coming in or that we even need one, the question is do we?

My answer is of course we do, Wenger had this to say;

“I don’t think we are weak defensively but we are an offensive team,” Wenger told

“Sometimes that exposes our defenders a bit more than other teams. “I believe we have quality defenders. One is Thomas Vermaelen and he did not play last year. In open play, we were one of the better defences [last season] but we conceded too many goals on set-pieces and that is where we want to improve this season.”

Well I have to agree that we did miss the Verminator last season and he is much like a new signing this year. Djourou really has grown and I am sure Laurent Koscielny will improve, but I still think Arsenal’s defense is lacking. Djourou and Koscielny for all their worth were found wanting on many occasions and made vital mistakes that cost Arsenal valuable points. More so the depth of our squad in the defense department is less assuring than that of Stokes. So I can’t see how we don’t want to buy Cahill or Samba. They would certainly add something different and depth to the Gunners.

So if you are one of those fans who keep saying be positive, keep your head high, that’s fine and I am a full keeper of the faith, however you cannot argue with the fact that we need to buy a quality defender. Anyone who watched Arsenal last season and knows what they are talking about will tell you the same. So I still believe that Wenger will make the signing of a defender before the close of the window, after all he is the Professor and “in Arsene we Trust”


  1. Arsene come on of course we do

  2. We didnt have Vermaelen last term, do you not think he is like a new signing? Sure Cliche is gone but we have Gibbs to replace him at left.