All I can say is that was POOR!

There must be tons of blogs and news feeds this morning that are slamming Arsenal for what happened last night. They are all saying how poor we are and that Wenger really needs to make some changes in the summer. They will all be saying what a terrible way for the King Thierry Henry to depart Arsenal. Now I guess you must be thinking that I am going to say something different and that there are excuses for what happened last night and it’s not all that bad……

Well you’d be wrong, I am gonna jump on the bandwagon. That was one of the worst displays I have seen Arsenal give in a long time. And what is more to the point is that so many players let us down. Let’s forget that AC Milan purposely did that to their pitch so that Arsenal could not play their free flowing football and especially attack down the flanks and let’s just look at the game.

4-0 come on, that is so embarrassing, I kept on thinking it was some sort of nightmare, but no in fact when I slapped myself a few times it was real life. Walcott, he must be a genius, because he gets paid what he does for doing absolutely nothing. He is completely useless and he needs to sit on that bench. The OX is far better than he is and anyone can see that.

Vermaelen, normally mister reliable, he really did have a shocker. He looked unsure of himself and very clumsy, often making silly mistakes, including slipping to allow Robinho to net one. Arteta was another player that I thought was really out of his depth and he was shown up playing on the big stage. Arsene really needs to address this or we are going to bleed players come the summer.

Ramsey, what has happened? He has as the commentator put it last night ‘hit a wall’. The Welsh captain has really taken a step back this season and it makes me remember how many times we have said it again and again, we cannot base our hopes on youngsters. We need players that are already stars not that might one day become stars.

Szczesny, always a fan, but my word he needs to improve, yes that first goal was a cracker, but he could have done more. There even with the other goals if feel he could have done a bit more, except with the penalty of course, but if he is going to be a world class keeper, there are a lot of things that he needs to work on.

Well all we can do is hope for a miracle and look for a win on the weekend in the FA cup against Sunderland……Keep the Faith

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  1. Well You ask what happened to Ramsey? Broken Leg and missing a complete year of football jar your memory? It is easy to forget with today's reconstructive surgery modern sports rehab that they used to call a injury like that a career ender. Personally I still feel it is Often a career reducer or at best a career delayer Ramsey has gone backwards but not unexpected. Hay RVP also has taken a long time to live up to his talent due to injuries but for Ramsey it was worse it happened during a important time in his career. And he was asked to come back not with a mentor or star experienced player in the middle with him no he was aced to come in and be the star. He was never a Cesc quality player anyway. A lot is the problems are not signing top players over the years other is the youth gambles have not payed off. Diaby Wilshire Ramsey Song out of the 4 only song is proven Solid. And even he is no Michael Essien or Yaya Toure should ether of them ben signed at Arsenal even song would sit the bench most of the time he would still play he would come on she the game is won to rest the starter and to have fresh legs (that are still good legs) to protect the leading position. At Arsenal we have a starting 11 that is not good enough and players on the bench you hope to not have to use in most cases. That should not be how it is you should have a top 11 and there backup should be solid enough that you can win games even with them. THey should be equal in strength if not a different type of player so you have options should plan A not be working. NOT a player not as good but similar. You should have options on the bench that are just as good but a different type of option. right now we have only one tactic if it is not working we are in trouble.