Jenkinson Vs Sagna

Who would you pick? Jenkinson or Sagna?


Poll Closed Sagna with 55% while Jenkinson with 44%

Form or Class, that is a question Arsene Wenger will be asking himself. Jenkinson finds himself as one of the form defenders in the entire Premier League this season, but with the return of Sagna, the question remains....who will Wenger pick?


  1. I think Wenger will stick with Carl at the moment. In the first 7 games, he is probably the most developed player in the EPL.

    Until Sagna gets to a his high form, Jenkinson will be a starting right back. I think there's a good chance Sagna will play vs QPR on the 27th. It will be a good game to make it back to the game, with QOR having a difficult time to score and win.

  2. I think the people voting for Jenkinson are on drugs! Sagna is top class!

  3. I think Jenkinson deserves to stay in the side