Arsenal rank in the top 10 - in the worlds biggest football clubs



The guys over at With a Fun Filter, as sport mad as they are have created a really comprehensive list of the top football clubs in the world. And Gunners fans Arsenal as I am sure you would all have guessed from the title of this have placed in the top 10. 

In fact Arsenal rank 6th in the worlds biggest football clubs. With over 125 million fans worldwide Arsenal truly is a global brand. In recent years as you all know we have had our ups and downs but with Mikel Arteta at the wheel (yes I said it) fans like myself are feeling more hopeful than ever. 

Arsenal have some hard fixtures on the horizon, but the the improvement in form is there for everyone to see. The 1-0 loss to Man City was actually a disappointment to fans, when it past years it was just a formality. 

With Auba as captain and new summer signings such as Gabriel and Partey, fans are looking forward to games again. Soon Arsenal may be finding themselves climbing the ranks of the biggest teams in the world. Aren't you tired of seeing the Spanish giants and Manchester United there?

I sure am.  

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