Some Thoughts, Some Rants, Some Prayers

Theo Walcott

So what to say, well last night wasn't the worst result ever. After all it was away to Everton, who for one, are unbeaten at home in their last 10 games and secondly are doing the best they have done in years. The Everton team is man for man a good team and on normal circumstances would be happy with a point. However there was just something about the game last night that left me feeling bitter.

The Thoughts

It may be because of the way the Villa game went, where we had so many opportunities yet we could not convert them. It could be that of late things have been really disappointing for Arsenal. After all this is the worst run that we have had under Arsene Wenger after 14 games now. If you are like me and like to read the debates that go on, on Twitter and the 1 million Arsenal Blogs that are out there, (I barely partake as most of them are pointless, but I like reading them nonetheless) you will see that there are many "Fair Weather Supporters". What I mean by this of course is that every time Arsenal wins or goes through a good spell they will sing the praises of every player, hell even Santos might receive from praise. But if we fall into a slump, such as the one we are in now, fans will call for players and more importantly, Wenger's head. I have a simple answer to this; those fans don't remember what it was like before Wenger. They started supporting Arsenal in the recent golden invincible era, when Thierry was King and Man City winning a title was mere folk lore. Those fans are much like the new fans of City, Chelsea and United, you know they ones that start following a club, because well they win.

Before Wenger although there was some success, there were also many times of mid-table football and yes even the thought of relegation. So to you fans that call for Wenger's head, please sit down and realise that Arsenal has seen bad time, but it always comes back stronger.

There were some positives to last nights game. The Mert was great, the Verminator looks to be getting back his form and Jack looked very exciting. Walcott and Gibbs also looked lively and I have no doubt that Wenger will be hoping that both these players put pen to paper soon.

The Rants

Now that I have been calm, I think it is only fair that I am allowed to cut loose and throw my words up and down and make some noise about things that I feel when Arsenal really irritate me, after all isn't that why I started this blog in the first place all those years ago. Ok let me be the first to say that I can be rash, however I think that last night Ramsey showed that he really is not up to scratch. We do tend to try and pin blame on players, however I do not think Ramsey is of the quality we hoped he would be. The number of times he miss placed his pass, was dispossessed and made the wrong choice was clear to all. Arsene I beg of you make a bloody sub before the 80th minute, what was forehead supposed to do in the little time that he had on the field. I want to know if there are certain players that are so out of form such as Ramsey and we are playing him out wide, why we cannot give the Russian a game. He has looked promising in the few games we have seen of him. Lastly, I basically think that all Arsenal players need to take a deep breath, look at yourselves in the mirror and realise that you need to do better, just do better, try harder, if not for yourselves then for the fans. Because I can tell you, they are hurting.

The Prayers

My first bed time prayer goes like this Please oh Please will Theo Walcott sign a new contact. Last night again he showed his worth, I only hope that the board and Wenger just give Theo what he wants, even if it is over 100K. My second Prayer is that this new deal with Emirates is not just another smoke cloud blown at us by the board to confuse us into a false sense of comfort, by comfort I mean the "the Hope" that these funds will allow for higher wages to keep our best players. You never know with this board that is obsessed with dividends and profit what they will use an excuse next, again all I can do is pray.

So to all my fellow Gunners whether you are feeling down, cut throat or strangely optimistic I say I can relate to all. It's one of the things my father always tells me game in and game out; "Son, Arsenal, will be the death of me"

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  1. Have to say i agree, playing ramsey for 70-80 minutes when Arshavin is on the bench makes no sense at all. I love AW but it really irritates me when he leaves players on who are having a terrible game and waits to the the last ten minutes to make a change. Gervinho is an ok winger b'coz of his pace but he's too light (easily pushed off the ball) and his touch/finishing is poor enough. thats why i just dont think hes good enough for a top club.