Arsenal’s Greatest Signing would be a new Medical Staff.

It’s been a thing of recent years that Arsenal’s squad suffers a large amount of injuries, sure it is true that other sides in the premier league suffer injuries, but I really do feel and believe that Arsenal are a special case. In my opinion if there is one signing that could make all the difference, it would be in the medical staff, specifically, an injury prevention and recovery specialist.

Think about it, remember when Robin van Persie (I know he is always injured, but that specific time) was injured and they wanted to implant some sort of Horse tissue into him so that he would see instant recovery. The same was said for Chelsea’s Frank Lampard and they both underwent the procedure, what resulted was a disaster for VP that saw him out for a further 6 months and saw Lampard make a remarkable recovery and was back in two weeks. Now if that didn’t set off alarm bells I don’t know what will. The Arsenal staff did say after that they had misjudged the procedure and that actually Lampard’s injury was a different case, well then I say why on earth didn’t our medical staff pick that up.

We have an injury prone side and there are few players that haven’t suffered their setbacks at Arsenal. Just look at Fabregas as he becomes more and more injury prone and Theo and VP are like walking “fine china”. What we have seen now is Theo Walcott and Conor Henderson suffer injuries, with Henderson out for 6 months and the season hasn’t even begun yet.

I ask you this do you truly believe that it is our bad luck or if there is something more to it. Do we sign players with a history of injuries or is it just that our Medical staff is below the standard we need? For me it is the latter, so instead of looking at how many signings we can buy, why don’t we also look at our Medical staff and maybe bring in some changes, just imagine being able to have Walcott and Van Persie for a entire season, it would be magical…

Keep the Faith…..

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  1. Arsenal need to wake up....why do we buy players that are made of glass