Arsenal to Win the League 2011/2012

I had a dream last night, a wonderful dream, but when I woke, I thought it was more than a dream, it was a vision, a prophecy, a look into our future as gunners fans. In this Vision I saw come May 2012 Arsenal were standing lifting the Premier league trophy, how is this possible I thought, what had we done right…then I saw it..

The flash backs (or flash forwards if you like) came, the season unfolded before my eyes. We had signed Gervinho and Arsenal fans were hungry for more signings, soon we were being linked with quality defenders and it started to seem as though Arsene was plugging the holes that cost us so much last season. In my dream it was an Englishman but I could not see clearly who it was either Phil Jagielka or Gary Cahill, but I hoped it was Cahill. Our defense was suddenly looking all the better with Sagna, Cahill, Djourou and the Verminator at the back things were suddenly looking good. Song was the holding man and really came to the front, he notched up 21 yellow cards and was feared by his rivals, he became known as Arsenal’s Hitman. The Mighty Jack again shone like a light and impressed all only improving on his game and dazzling fans and foes alike. But what is this I see through my misty dream is that Fabregas threading the ball through to Nasri, could it truly be. Yes it turns out in my vision Arsenal had kept both players, and even if we do lose one of them, just keeping one will make a huge difference. In my Vision I saw that Arsenals medical staff had been revamped and the useless members had been sent packing, what resulted from this is that Theo and Mister Glass VP himself had an injury free season, amazing to think, but visions don’t lie, between the two of them Arsenal saw goals flying in left and right.

From the other side came the Ivorian Gervinho, showing the world what he had to offer, drifting in from the wing like the Thierry Henry of old, causing devastation with his pace and skill. And what of Arshavin you might ask, well he seemed to look as if he had lost some of that puppy weight and came back with a vengeance, the little Russian was back to his best in Arsenals best season yet. We looked like the invincibles of old as critics quickly became fans, no more was the trophy cabinet bare, no more did players leave for “bigger clubs” we were the biggest now and Arsene received the praise he deserves…..suddenly I awoke.

It may have been a vision or just a dream, but in my state now I can see that if Arsenal hold onto Fabregas and Nasri and bring in a quality defender, then nothing can hold us back, but if we do lose one of them we will still cope. Ramsey is there and I am sure that with the transfer fees, Arsene will bring in another class player to fill the departed’s shoes. Arsenal have been the butt of many a joke recently, but I think a change in fortunes is around the corner, the Football Gods have looked down to see who has been keeping the faith and what do you know…..that’s us.