ARSENAL! Oh my Arsenal!

Football 101 is proud to introduce a new writer a Gooner who has gone through all the love and heartache with us all, here is his introductory post:

In the year 1886, a football team was formed named "WOOLWICH ARSENAL" and the club has grown from strength to strength, had different names, and weathered some bad times as nothing can always be perfect (even Utopia is only imaginary), but of recent, my great Arsenal has undergone and still going through some changes; changes powerful enough that it shakes the whole set-up; board, team, and us, the die-hard fans,many of us who has never even had the money to purchase an Arsenal jersey but still we persist, believing things will sure come back to normal.

Various statements has been used by zealous fans i.e. "things will be good", "it's only a matter of time" and I personally would say "ARSENAL is like the so-called sleeping giant".
Arsene Wenger alias The Prof, the Economist, baba ijebu (as some Nigerians would call him) was a big thing for Arsenal when he came to Highbury in 1996, well you could tell with his name and now he's become so big that you can't but watch him and his antics.

Just a side note for you budding Gunners Twitter has exposed me to so many things about my beloved Arsenal, so much so that a sports paper that I loved reading in secondary school became alien to my sight sometimes ago,that's by the way anyways..hmhm!. I can never underestimate how much I've gained joining Twitter especially the strangers I've become friends with viz @gunnersphere,@enigma106,@football101blog to mention but a few. That's why I'll always retweet that tweet that says: Facebook is for friends who have become strangers while Twitter is for strangers to become friends.

Your true friend and gooner on Twitter: @sniqs
Ma Salam.

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