Arsenal Need Some Grit…

So the Cesc saga continues as we all have expected. A few offers have been turned down by the Arsenal. Xavi and the rest have voiced their opinions like they always have. At the moment Cesc is tending to a "hamstring" injury. Pure bull if I may say. More like he is dragging things out in hopes of Arsenal accepting a deal for his return to the Catalan giants.

I'm more than happy to part ways with him. You think I've gone mad? Yes, I have. The board is simply asking for the £40 million pound price tag to be met. Since the Catalans want their son back so dearly I see not as to why they are being hesitant. Now say the deal is done and over with, now us Arsenal fans can't sleep because our mid is derived of Jack, Aaron, Song, Samir (more than likely), Tomas, and an occasionally appearance from Theo. With the change left over from the deal it should be reinvested into some sheer brute force and throw little bit of that fanciness in there too. I'm talking about the Arsenal of old! The days where Roy Keane was taunted and knocked down. Especially surrounding a former United striker (van Nistelrooy) after missing a penalty.

Last year Arsenal's discipline record was bit more pleasing. More cards were given, more harsh tackles we're being made. I tip my hat mainly to Alex Song for recording 13 yellows last season, Little Jack stepped up his game as well. In the Premier it's all about strength and skill, though Wenger has criticized Stoke for using rugby tactics he should recall his past combination in the mid, yes, I'm mostly referring to Pettit/ Vieira. Arsenal are crying out for such a combination in the mid once again. The ability to create the space, take it away, and knock you on your ass in the process. Not saying that Cesc is fairy or anything. He's merely become the new "man of glass". This upcoming season I'm hoping for more irrational tackles. Arsenal need to stand their ground much more! If they can knock down Barcelona or take down Evra after making some silly comments then I'm certain they keep that going season after season.

We need a Von Bommel type midfielder to set off the balance. Song can't be the only one having the fun this season...

Guest Post by Carlos Villela jr

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