Should Fabregas Stay or Go?

Barcelona has already had one offer for Cesc Fabregas turned down this transfer window, so low that it was a slap in the face. Arsenal will not budge on their asking price, we do not need the money. So now they are set improve that bid to £35m, there have also been reports that Thiago (the shining star from the u21 championships) could be used as an added incentive to the deal. No doubt that us gunners are tired of these continual ‘will he’ won’t he’ stories and we would just like see it done one way or the other, so my question is should we just let him go or even if Barca come close to asking price should we hold onto him?

We’ve heard it all before “Fabregas belongs at Barcelona and he wants to go”, week in and week out. Our skipper has not hidden this from us, but has also stated his love for Arsenal. Recently there have been some comments that Fabregas considers London his home and while home in Spain he did not feel right. That would make any Gunners fan smile, but then there are the million other rumors that he is on his way out and his desire to be back with the Spanish Giants. 

Arsene Wenger refused to entertain Barcelona’s interest in Fabregas last summer and has always maintained he would not consider selling his captain, so it will probably come down to whether he can persuade Fabregas to give it another season. Many believe that we should just let Fabregas go, as they are tired of hearing this saga and want loyal players. They feel with the money we can buy 2 more class players and they say “let him go, let him go sit on their bench”. 

In my personal opinion I think we should fight to keep him, I think Cesc knows and feels he has to win something with Arsenal before he returns to Barcelona. I also feel we should stick it to Barcelona, who feel they can just come in and throw their weight around and get what they want. Well I’ll tell you this Barcelona, Arsenal are the big Guns of England and we don’t get pushed around. With a few signings that are hopefully coming in this summer I see Arsenal becoming even greater and so come Champions league knock out time bring on Barcelona. 

It’s a question everyday whether the Fab will go, I hope he stays at least for one more season. I hope Barcelona go bankrupt and I hope we make lots of quality signings. 

Keeping the Faith again, don’t know what you guys think…..


  1. I agree with you I would also love him to stay

  2. Do you think Barcelona would be pushing as hard as they have been to get the player if they didnt feel he was more than happy to return to his home town. Do you think the barcelona Players would insult a colleague and a friend by putting a barcelona jersey on him after winning the world cup, if he was not excited or looking forward to returning...
    The truth is, its a similer scenario to Ronaldo. He wanted to play for Real. At some point you cash in and carry on...
    Cesc doesnt want to be at Arsenal. There wouldnt be as much made about this as what has been if the player didnt play his part and allow it to happen. Where is his press conference stating he wants to stay? stating that He cannot wait to win the league with has not happened because he wishes he was with his friends and fellow world cup winners winning trophies in catalunya.

    Think about it. Take the money. Move on. play with players that want to be at your club...Man United did it, and carried on winning. Maybe you will see the best of Ramsey or Nasri (should he stay too) if Fabregas leaves.

  3. I want Fabregas to stay I dont care what Barcelona want, who are You clearly not an Arsenal fan to tell us how to feel. You hear rumours everyday now that says he is happy at Arsenal.....he loves both clubs....and funny u refer to the Barcelona shirt incident, wasnt that in 2010 yet here were are in 2011 a year later and he is still dont believe everything you read in the press....lets keep Fabregas,

  4. Firstly, my comments had nothing to do with the press...if you must know I am a Man United fan, so i know not be be listening to the press, otherwise I would of expected Man united to have bought every talent in the world 3 times.

    Are you not giving me a link that is taken out of the press? and probably out of context... dont be naive and feed me the same bollocks that you telling me not to listen to.

    Fabregas wants to win trophies buddy... of course he loves Arsenal, but so did Henry, what did that get him at the end of his career ?

    If Fabregas really wanted to stay, He would of gotten into a news room for a conference and ended the speculation. If he wants to stay, then why doesnt he done that....Cesc is allowing this all to happen because he wants to leave.

    Take the money. Use players that want to be there, and accept that your club is a feeder club to teams that win trophies.

  5. You asked for where the news story was....United Fans can keep their opinions, they are about as solid as Ryan Giggs' marriage. Im am an Arsenal Las not your buddy.
    You saying Fabregas wanting to win trophies is about as insightful as telling me that United won the league this season, everyone knows it. A feeder Club really Arsenal are the greatest club that has walked this planet just you wait

  6. humorous, but lets wait and see...

    If you didnt pick it up, my comment "Fabregas wants to win trophies" was me insulting Arsenal...If he felt he was going to at Arsenal, then you would be telling me that he has openly admitted to wanting to stay at Arsenal, use their rehabilitation centres, and attempt to fight the fight... but you are not. You are making useless statements and have not come close to denying that I am right...

    If you going to make a statement, please throw in some juicy facts my way.

    Liverpool are closer to winning the league than what Arsenal are...with or without Cesc.

    Take the money. Make nasri your new young captain in an attempt to keep him too...

  7. Well Well Well this is lovely to see a good old fashioned debate. Some good points on both ends I must say. clearly the United fan is trying to get a reaction out of us guns with some of those ridiculous comments....." Make Nasri Captain" thats a good one...The comment above couldnt have said it better where I take united fans as seriously as Ryan Giggs takes his marriage. Arsenal are going through a rough patch and lets not pretend United have always been the team are today. Didnt Fergie go 6 years without silver ware and fans were calling for his head....very interesting that you like to make fun of us Guns, but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger, Arsenal will bounce back and Keeping the Faith is What we do, it has made us believe in our team and not throwing around silly money like 18 million for a week are fast becoming like a Chelsea or a Man City

  8. fabregas should Go

  9. Ah yes, waited for the editor...

    Well, the is no public commitment to Arsenal, is there?

    Of course manager have barron periods, but to go 6 years without a trophy after having a formula that has won trophies is what you gooners should be concerned about... Wenger is obviously too stubborn, or naive to realize what his team needs. He inherited the spine that won him trophies, so that makes sense to me...

    As for comparing us to City or Chelsea?
    Jones is 20, well worth the money when you consider his age, his nationality, and his potential. United bring through more talented youngster then we are given credit for. English talent's price is always going to be inflated - but Arsenal dont like british players so I dont expect you to understand.

    We might spend when necessary, but our manager delivers trophies because he knows when to spend and when not to. You "keep the faith" while I count the trophies in our trophy cabinet, and count the successful academy players that have lifted a trophy under SAF.

    As for Nasri? didnt you make Cesc captian to keep him at the club longer? He doesnt exactly rally his troops when the chips are down? So if Wenger is going to give the captaincy to the most talented, surely Nasri will be the next star he will want to keep at the club? Hmm ?

  10. HAHAHAHAH liverpool closer winning the league than arsenal, get real you dirty manc. why are you on an arsenal fan page, get off of it you looser, surely you have better things to do.. na probably because your fat and have no job, life or friends.
    arsenal a feeder club? haha your having a laugh seeing as we are one of the most decerated clubs in english football and its ok to be jealous of players like wilshire, you wish you could produce such talent out of your shitty academy.. ow wait i forget the quailty you produced beckham, the neville retard brothers and nicky butt... ow wait there were shit. and you almost seem to forget about manchester utd trophy drought was over 26 years, so just shutup your dirty manc mouth and get of an arsenal fan page

  11. No, no and no, no on this way!
    Not before wining some massive trophy for us!!!

  12. Isnt a feeder club a club that produces great players and then sells them to bigger clubs? Do you really want a list of players from me that Arsenal have sold before they have had the chance to reach their potential or help Arsenal win anything...

    If you actually took note of what I wrote, you would find some REAL facts to throw my way instead of attacking me. Dont be so defensive...Read properly and give me a real argument for what I have said.

    How could you even start to talk to a Man United supporter about jealousy when the basis of our 19 titles and the last generation of players were made made up of players from Man United's academy...and the Fact that you would consider Beckham shit tells me you know nothing about football.
    If I wanted to drop names of our academy players that have WON trophies I could start at 1968...

    Dont talk to me about a decorated club. Your club is too far behind in the trophy count to use the word "jealous" in a sentance to me in a football context.

    I am on this page because the owner of the blog is a friend of mine and I respect his opinion. I also love football and like to read what the other fans have to say...

    If you going to reply, throw facts at me, instead of trying to insult me.

  13. Manc Let it go we do not care what you think....David Beckham was the best thing that has ever come out of that place, so we might as well nuke it because he not there anymore

  14. so man utd are also a feeder club, what because they let ronaldo go? do me a favour. and yes i would like to see this list of so called players that were sold before they reached their potential... oh wait like thierry henry, bergkamp, pires, viera, ljunberg,ian wright and van persie... ow yeah wait cos im pretty sure they hit their peak at arsenal and won throphies at arsenal and came legends AT ARSENAL.

    i think you would find find that we are one of the most decorated and recognised clubs in english and world football, we have 13 league titles so i would say that is fairly decorated wouldnt you?.

    and you for to even suggest that beckham is a good player is laughable and tells me that you no nothing about football. yes he could cross, take a corner and a free kick, but to suggest that he is a world class player as many mancs think he is just stupid. try true class like maradona, rivaldo, girincha, cruyff, maradona... but not beckham he is shit, full stop.

    and please get of this arsenal fan page, take the fucking hint you are not welcome