Signings on the Horizon

We as Arsenal fans have been waking up everyday wondering if we are going to arrive at next season and have the same crop of players. Well the same crop minus the likes of a few who are on their way out. But over this past week our fortunes have seem to have been turned around, Gervinho, Samba and Cahill have been strongly linked with the Gunners, what does this hold for the new season..

The spirits of fans have seemed to have been lifted over night with this news, well at least mine have been. I have wanted Gary Cahill for a long time as you can see from my previous posts. What’s more is that the impressive Miguel has been linked to a loan deal with Bolton. This could be part of the deal if we take Cahill, the Spaniard, who impressed me last season, will slot in were the Cahill left off. It’s good for the young man because it really does seem that Bolton is the place where players go on loan to become men, Sturridge this season and of course the Jack the season before that. With Cahill and Samba both on the cards I am happy that I am sure we will at least get one of them, I would love it if we got both, but I’m not sure if that will be the case. 

I would prefer to get Cahill as he is English to the core and there is no substitute for me. Cahill also for me is the better all round defender, Samba is strong and a fierce defender, but Cahill has more to offer, speed, strength and the technical ability. Although either player will be great for the Gunners, it will add versatility to the Arsenal defensive strategy. 

As for Gervinho as I have said before, he is quality, if you don’t think so go and look at his stats. Seeing him in person is just as impressive, he is a striker that would fit in well at Arsenal fact. 

With the new fixtures out, we can all see that Newcastle, Liverpool, Man United is going to be a tough opening month, us Guns will need all the squad quality we can get, and I have faith we can hit the ground running…….

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