Arsenal 2.0…..the next generation

Arsenal has once again fallen short this season and need to…no have to, dip into the transfer market. As I said in the last post I have a number of players who I think we should buy, but it’s also who we realistically can get and more to the point who Wenger may consider going for. Everyone would like to buy Messi and other ridiculous dreams, but I am a realist and this is what Arsenal needs.

First of all at the back, with our defence in shambles fact is we need some steel, Djourou has done a great job, but Vermaelen needs a partner at the back who is not going to make those little mistakes that cost us dearly.

Leighton Baines, with the controversy of Clichy on his way out, the Everton man on top of being an Englishmen he was in the pfa team of the season, he has had a tremendous season and we have been linked to him on several occasions. He would fit in well at Arsenal with his pace and bombing runs down the left flank and not to mention his free kick ability.

Phil Jagielka, another Everton man and Englishmen, he is a class defender and has been the rock at the back for Everton this season; he would be an asset for Arsenal for obvious reasons. 

 Per Mertesacker, The German defender from Werder Bremen, showed us his class in the 2010 world cup in South Africa, and has been linked with us since the Jan transfer window. He’s Hard he’s strong and he won’t be out muscled by strong strikers, exactly what Arsenals frail defence need.

Gary Cahill, the Bolton Englishmen, and my pick, he has been a superman for Bolton this season and I hope we get him. Liverpool are expected to also go for him and I can only pray that Arsene Wenger shows some balls and doesn’t shy away from this challenge. We have     supposedly been given 60 million to spend, but again it is always a case of can or will Wenger use this. When is Arsenal going to realise there is no trophy for the best looking bank balance at the end of the season.

Scott Parker, now for the Midfield, With West Ham all, but down Parker will be surely moving elsewhere, and I think this is the only way that Arsenal would move for the Englishmen. With the price surely lowered with relegation I am sure Arsenal will make a move, what I like about this is that Parker will add experience and class to a midfield that could well be losing Fabregas.
Jesus Navas, the World Cup winners Seville side are not going to qualify for champion’s league next year and this probably he will be on his way out, the question is where, Liverpool are set to go for him and this one I think there is a possibility that Arsene will shy away from this challenge, I wish he wouldn’t but to look at it realistically if Arsene and Kenny go for him I think Liverpool will fork out the cash. He is a class player and would be a great replacement for Arshavin who could be on his way back to Russia.

Now to the Forwards and Van Persie, Mr Glass, defiantly does need a strike partner and these are my three realistic options.

Ramamel Falcoa, the Colombian Porto man cannot stop scoring this season and has been a revelation. There has been some interest from Arsenal and he would be a great addition to the Arsenal way of playing. What I want is for Arsenal just to buy a player that is on fire and everyone else has heard of, instead of just buying 16 year old “wonder kids”.

Diego Milito, the Inter man has fallen out of favour with new management this season and has not been firing as much, but when Mourinho was in charge there he was the go to guy and was known as “the man who can’t miss”. So I think it would be a good fit at Arsenal, we need a man who finishes when he gets a chance in the box….’a fox in the box’ if you will. He is a class player and will be a solid addition to Arsenal, all his critics, you mark my words, if he comes to Arsenal he will be a success. 

Karim Benzema, the Frenchman has been linked for a while to Arsenal as he is said to want out of a frustrating time at Real Madrid. Of course being French he will have lots of friends at Arsenal, and close international team mates. He is a strong possibility to come to the Gunners and Imagine, Nasri, VP and Benzema on the attack for us Gooners. I think that if any of strikers are going to come to Arsenal Benzema is the most likely.

If the players that are said to leave, leave then Arsenals ideal squad team will consist of: Szczesny, Sagna. Cahill, Vermaelen, Baines, Djourou, Koscielny, Walcott, Nasri, Wilshere, Song, Navas, Parker, Ramsey, Benzema, Van Persie, and of course the other players that fit in here and there, but these are the players that will make up the bulk of the team, and in my eyes this is a solid team.

So all I ask is that the footballing Gods give Arsene Wenger the Wisdom and courage to see this and follow through in making the Gunners next season the new generation of Invincibles.


  1. Your write ups are amazing...Keep them up

  2. There's no way were gonna get Navas, he suffers from chronic homesickness and was even homesick at the World Cup.

  3. Haha that is true, but he never said we would he said it was realistic that Arsenal would offer for him. Anyway like he said Arsenal will back down anyway because liverpool are supper keen, but rory have to agree with you the guy is scared to leave his city let alone his country