Barton, Gervinho and a has been or two.

Waking up on a cold morning is never fun, but waking up on a cold Monday morning is less desirable. Hitting the snooze button a few more times I decided to quickly page through the transfer gossip and see what is making headlines, and what do you know, but it is the story of Joey “stab you in your sleep” Barton that has caught my eye above the rest…
I thought it was just another rumor, but the funny thing about rumors is that where there is smoke there is often fire. So again today we are being strongly linked with the Newcastle midfield, at first I laughed, but maybe this will be a good thing, Arsenal have been a lacking a player you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley ever since the likes of Campbell and Vieira departed. A player that can smash a bottle on the ground and stab you in the eye and then continue playing like nothing had ever happened. So maybe it is a good thing, I think I like the idea of a player joining us on the cheap (around 1 million pounds) that can add some real steel to the midfield (and I don’t mean the shank he carries in his boot), so bring on Barton.

It would be good to have this inmate on our side for a change

Barton might have a bit of bad blood with some of the Gunners players including Diaby, who lost his mind in 4-4 game that all us Gooners would want to forget. Wilshere is also not to fond of the man, but I am sure if he throws on an Arsenal shirt fans will warm up quicker than a Amsterdam hooker.

I can tell you that it is better news that hearing that Arsene is considering has beens like Defoe and Hargreaves, I mean come on surely he would not go for the likes of these two, I want experience, but not players like this. Defoe is less potent than Bentdner and Hargreaves is frailer than an 80 year old Van Persie so please Wenger not for us.

Some Good news is that trickster striker Gervinho is reportedly in the process of agreeing personal terms and he could complete the deal this week. Always great to hear some good news for the Guns and I like these positive moves in the Transfer market. I really do believe the Ivorian will be a success at the club, and at 24 he has plenty to give.

So it’s not always doom and gloom with news of players leaving, after all we haven’t lost any big guys yet and it seems Arsene is making those transfer moves after all, so up the Guns and keep the Faith…..

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