Looking forward and back

Arsenal now have slipped to 4th, with Man City's thumping of Stoke (something we could not do) they have over taken us Gunners and moved into 3rd, the automatic qualifying position.

Its become something of an everyday experience to feel down about the Guns, but we need to take heart that we have still qualified fro champions league something Spurs could not do (haha) and now we must look forward. Next season will see the 125th anniversary of the club and with the old motto "Forward" on the crest, I could not think of any thing more appropriate. The Guns need to push forward, need to see what problems wee had this season and fix them, not just talk about it. What this means is obviously signings, and to get rid of the drift wood, there is no place is the Squad for players with no heart and for the playing ability of a 1st Division player, Arsenal can usher in the anniversary with the merging of the old and new and push forward and prove our critics wrong.

On to other talk is people have been wondering, will Arshavin, Cesc and Nasri leave Arsenal? Will we see them playing in this new kit. Arshavin signed for between £12-£15 million depending on clauses being met, and started like a house on fire, everyone can remember his 4 goals against Liverpool and wasn't that just great, but lately either you love him or you hate him, as his heart just doesn't seem to be in it anymore. So will he go or will he leave, I think he will stay one more season, Arsene Wenger recently hinted that he was going to tough it out and show what he is made of, which no matter what you think of the Russian is good news for Arsenal. Nasri, well he has been a revelation this season and only has 1 year left on his contract, which means teams are bound to come knocking this summer. But again I think the Frenchman will stay he has a soft spot for Arsene and Arsenal in his heart and he has stated that before he moves on he needs to win something with Arsenal, otherwise he feels it will all have been a waste. If Cesc goes, then Nasri can slip into that position and I think that is where he really wants to play. 
Speaking of Cesc, its  all up in the air, Real are apparently going to make an offer of 45 Million for the Gunners Captain, and on top of this Barcelona are said to not be interested in him any more, because of a lack of funds and finding another battle with Arsenal over him to tiring. I think this is all rubbish and he will still go to Barca, they are just playing hard ball so the asking price drops and maybe Cesc becomes unhappy that he hasn't been allowed to go. As for the Real bid, why would Cesc want to go there, he is in love with their fiercest rivals Barca and Arsenal are certainly not going to let him go if he would prefer to stay at Arsenal, well thats just my thinking......

Looking back it's 40 years since Arsenal won their first ever Double. As us Gunners love to remember the past, four decades ago, the Gunners beat Tottenham to clinch the League title at White Hart Lane and then saw off Liverpool at Wembley five days later after 120 grueling minutes.
Men such as Pat Rice, Charlie George(here in the pic) and Eddie Kelly were responsible for the success. Lets Just hope that these glory days can come back soon and us Gunners can show our true quality.

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