A Catch up

I wake up this morning to some absolute beautiful news Denilson is all over the tabloids and wants to leave Arsenal. Some fans who don't pay close attention might think this is a bad thing, but really the only news that I could hear better than this is that Rosicky is leaving, but this will do.

The Brazilian has stated that he wants to quite Arsenal after the worst season of his life. Denilson also said

“He says he will not stand in my way and if the club receive a good offer for me I can go. I was so relieved to hear that. I am very grateful." 

“Not every manager would have been like Arsene Wenger, not every club would act like Arsenal. I know in a year’s time I might regret it and be wishing I’d stayed. I may go somewhere and find it’s just not the same". 

Its nice to see he has nice things to say about Wenger and just to add to this quick Sagna stated yesterday that all the players are behind Wenger 200% which shows that he is doing a right job, but the players feel they have let the team down.

Back to the Brazilian, he really has taken ten steps back after looking rather promising last season, he has had a shocker. He is free to go and I for one wish him all the best, but am very thankful that, the Drift wood is going to leave. It leaves room for youngsters like Lansbury to come in who want to fight for their place at Arsenal, players like this that actually could make a difference. 
Denilson has only made 16 appearances for the Gunners in the League this Season with 0 Assists and 0 goals, compared to 2 seasons ago when he made 37 appearances the most of any Arsenal player.

How times have changed for the Brazilian, maybe our success comes down that because we have players of that caliber in our squad to replace Fabregas and Nasri when injured, it just doesn't cut it. All the best Deni, but I can see no negetives with you leaving 

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