Depression is a 7 letter word and its called Arsenal

After having the prospect of so much at Mid Feb to now be looking down the barrel of a 4th place finish is simply unacceptable. Arsene Wenger stated once we were knocked out of all competitions that 2nd place was still an improvement, but what now. After Arsenal's most promising season in 6 years it has amounted to nothing....again.

What makes this all the more worse is that Money bags Manchester City are at the door and with a win over Stoke tonight will see them over take us and move into 3rd. What that means is that Arsenal will qualify for champions league 4th position only meaning that they will have to have a qualifying round. This means the season will start earlier for players and there is always the possibility of losing (not likely, but you never know). What now for Arsenal, we need a transplant of some sort whether it be a for a new heart or steel (backbone). Arsenal 2.0 the next generation if we are going to keep the faith need to start a fresh next season, players that are not producing need to go and Wenger needs to step up and stop try to be friends with all the players.

Wenger is a great man and has done wonders for the club and I have always backed him, I had hoped that with Rice moving on there would be fresh blood and fresh ideas brought in to add to Wenger's Genius, but now Rice has signed a 1 year extension, which only makes me wonder. Can we actually do it next season, can our young players step up, and can Wenger buy some players to patch up those huge leaks.

I think we can, I can keep the faith, but the question is not whether I can, it is whether you, the rest of the fans, the players and board can. Only time will tell, but as a Gooner I can only hope for the best.

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