Mancini’s men drown in a pool.

So the Reds put on possibly their performance of the season to down Man City at Anfield last night. Carroll opened his account and was the man of the match as hope endures in the hearts of Liverpool Fans for that fourth place.

If you saw the game last night, a huge shock to me was that Silva did not start and when Carroll thumped in that early goal, and Tevez substituted it did not look good for City. Yet I thought surely they would bring on Silva not but no enter Mario Balotelli, the hapless clown who really is an absolute waste of talent and money. He didn’t look like once adding anything to his team and I could only think “money really can’t buy you happiness”. For a player with so much talent to be such an idiot is a joke, he really is possibly more hated than Nani. Anyway Liverpool were acting like a swarm of bees and Man City had zero time on the ball, this paid off for them as Kuyt slammed in number 2 before Carroll towered above the defence to get his second before half time. The second half was less intense but Liverpool continued their domination. City were reverting to shots from everywhere and really do not look like a team. I said before the game to people who said City would crush Pool, is that they are a team of Stars who get flustered easily, less BMT than us Guns this season. 

In other news apparently Van Persie and Diaby had a bust up in the change room at half time of the Blackpool game, because of Diaby receiving a needless yellow card, by kicking the ball away in frustration. Apparently the two had to be pulled apart, I can see Van Persie’s anger as it was Diaby that was sent off against Newcastle, for losing his mind, and they came back from 4-0 down to draw the game. Diaby for me can go, Van Persie loves Arsenal and you can see his passion and love for Arsenal and his team mates. Diaby on various occasions has said he wants to play for bigger clubs and never looks happy or awake. He walks around and only plays when he feels like it, much like Mario Balotelli, so for me good on you VP put him in his place. Arsenal play Liverpool and then Spurs next so we are going to need all the passion and desire if we are going to win both those games. 

I’m sitting here now watching Manchester United vs Chelsea, and with Chelsea 1-0 down on agg I certainly am Supporting Chelsea, I can’t stand all these Mancs coming 
out of the cracks and claiming ‘they have always supported Man United’….so come on Chelsea give united the Blues. 

PS just thought I would show you this amazing goal scored by a goalkeeper this week from Sport Columbia, it is classic…..

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  1. As I post bloody United score, Its a good game though and I am not ruling out a Chelsea Fight back. PS Giggs don't know how he still does it, almost like father time or rather Father Football