Oh when the Spurs Oh when the Spurs go crashing out!

Yes its for ManUnt, but its funny
Man United proved to strong for Chelsea on Tuesday night, Carlo Ancelotti first of all played Torres, the 50 million flop...really what a panic buy haha, why would Ancelotti play him ahead of Didier Drogba, the Ivorian brings passion into a team. As much as I dislike him for always scoring against us guns he should have started, he can turn a game on its head in an instant, and this showed as he was brought on for 'drought boy' Torres in the second half as Man United were 1-0 up thanks to a Javier Hernandez goal late in the 1st. Drogba's impact showed as he scored the equaliser to make an interesting end, but it was not to be as Ji sung "I eat dogs" Park scored the winner and sent the Champions league obsessed Blues out. Fergie had called Chelsea obsessed before the game, and although I'm sure it was to light a fire in the enemies camp, it does have huge truth to all who have been watching in recent years.

Last night saw Schalke 04 defeat defending champions Inter again 2-1 on the night to make it 7-3 on agg, a real shock result and the Germans can be proud of themselves for doing this to a side that last year were unstoppable (that might have something to do with the Special one at the helm). In other results Real beat spurs 1-0 at White hart lane to make in 5-0 on agg, did anyone see Gomes drop that ball, haha, just shows Arsenal keepers aren't the only ones that make howlers. Spurs had no chance and I'm so glad they were thrashed, Arsenal Fans can now fire back at all those Spurs fans that thought they were something. So at the end of the month the semis, Real Madrid meet Barca in a clash that would make even Chuck Norris weep, while Schalke host Man United in the first leg, come on you Germans.

I heard this week that Man City want to sign Jack Wilshere, I had a little gasp at first, but then I thought, no not the Jack, why would he want to go to a lesser club, with clowns like Mario Balotelli, who didn't even know who the Jack was, and Mancini. Sure enough out came Jack yesterday and basically said is blood pumps red and white and his heart is with Arsenal. Ole raise a glass to Jack, we need all our players to show this love, I'll be crying if by some tragedy he goes, but I don't think it will. Arsenal play Liverpool this weekend and I believe we have what it take to do it, we need to do it, we have to do it.....formula for victory = don't play Rosicky and Denilson.

lastly I leave you with this penalty click, I myself used to score penalties like this.......

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