A Guest Post: Why Arsene Wenger Must Leave Arsenal

There are lots of legitimate reasons why Arsene Wenger should have been sacked from Arsenal. In fact, the truth remains that no football fan or lover could wrap their heads around the fact that Arsene Wenger is still coaching Arsenal after all these woeful years. It is a situation that will never play out in any other club in the entire world. Even the lower placed teams in the leagues would have gotten rid of him by now due to his numerous failures. But, Arsenal still manages to keep him. The truth is that there are several reasons why he should leave Arsenal.

1. The first reason is that we have never seen a coach with his records. He has the worst of them all. That is why arsenal has turned into a thing of ridicule for other teams and football lovers. For instance, the day Carlo Ancelotti celebrated his one thousandth game in football coaching, he did this with an 8-0 thrashing of Hamburg. But the day Arsene Wenger celebrated his own one thousandth game, he received an 8-0 thrashing at the hands of Chelsea. That has been the case of arsenal in the recent years. They always succumb whenever you expect them to show character. 

2. They’ve lost their only glory in football. Wenger has been very woeful in the history of the English premiership. He has won just two in more than 21 years as manager, while coaches in other clubs’ of Arsenal’s caliber win more numbers within their first five years of management. 

3. He had one thing going for him, and that is the record of being in the Champions League all these years. His performance in the Champions League has been very woeful, and he has never won it, but he has always been there. But that record has also been broken, and Arsenal will only play the Europa league this season. That alone is enough to sack any coach in any club in the world or to make any coach resign. 

4. Another reason why Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal is because he is too stiff and never learns from anything or anyone. His playing tactics if not working and it is very redundant. There has always been a pattern to Arsenal’s season for the past 10 years, so everyone could predict what their performance will look like. There have been calls from different angles for him to tweak things a little, so that they could become a little bit unpredictable. But he has vehemently stuck to his tactics that is not working. He never learns from his mistakes 

5. Arsene Wenger has actually lost the players trust. The fact remains that majority of the players who work with him do not believe him again. We can see how the biggest names in the club are refusing to renew their contracts and waiting for their years to run out so that they can leave the club on a free transfer. That is because they no longer believe in Wenger. The case of Alexis Sanchez is still lingering. 

6. Now every player wants to go home with trophies at the end of the season. They want to have medals and something to hang on their walls and show to their kids when they grow old. That is one thing many Arsenal players are not getting at the moment. The greatest of these are the league medals and that of the Champions League. But they are very far from Wenger. 

7. He can no longer attract huge talents and big names. So, whenever the transfer market is open, serious players count Arsenal as one of the teams they won’t listen to their offers. Arsenal only gets to buy players that their clubs are shutting the door against. He has totally lost the clout to attract big names and experienced players to Arsenal. 

8. He is also too stingy, and that makes him incapable of doling out the cash to buy high quality players, even when he is the first to scout them.

Please note the thoughts above are those of the guest writer and not the editors themselves. 

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