Walcott is blaming his teammates for his terrible play.

Theo Walcott Says It Is Not His Fault

Theo Walcott, star player for Arsenal, has blamed his teammates for his woeful performance in the match against Cologne, which was, in fact, his first start of the season. 

He Received Slow Service

Walcott has stated that the slow service he was on the receiving end of was the reason his performance was so sub-par during the first game of Arsenal’s Europa League campaign, which ended with a 3 – 1 win over the team from Cologne.
Walcott’s play Far from Good Enough

Walcott has already been having trouble getting into Wenger’s Premier League starting XI over the course of this season, and his performance during this game is not very likely to force his manager’s hand just before the Sunday showdown against Chelsea.

Much like a bad workout, he just can’t shake off a few niggles that are holding him back.

Although the 28-year old player did have a hand in the Hector Bellerin goal that clinched the game, he was otherwise totally ineffectual, and even went so far as to attract the ire of his team’s supporters, after he was caught offside not once, but on three separate occasions. 

Walcott Brushes Off His Offside Behaviour

Walcott admitted to the Arsenal Player that he was offside too frequently, and said that he was disappointed by it, but would not dwell on this aspect of the game too much.

He said he would focus on timing his runs a little better, but felt that the players were playing it too late. He added that he like making runs, and that he would certainly be feeling the effects the following day.

He stated that the team had gone back to the 4 – 3 – 3, and said that he enjoyed making runs in order to create space for his teammates, and to stretch out the team, and felt that this game plan had actually worked, in the second half of the match especially.

He made a point of stating that the first half of any match is a problem in terms of the whole team getting involved, and added that Cologne had closed Arsenal down very well, with a lot of strength coming from the backline.

He then said that the team got the result they deserved however, and that however nervous the beginning of the game had been, the ending was a positive one, and that was all that mattered. Like a good game of online slots Canada, perhaps, it is all about what happens at the end!

Arsenal Fans Already Prefer Reiss Nelson over Theo Walcott

Arsenal Football Club fans are taking pleasure in the performances of 17-year old Reiss Nelson, wing-back, in the pre-season so far, and his start in the Emirates Cup match against Benfica has already convinced them that he is outdoing fellow player Walcott.

Nelson has featured regularly in the Gunners starting XI in the team’s latest matches in Australia and the Far East during their pre-season tour, and is showing lot of promise, even though he is having to adapt to a new role as the wing-back.

Nelson has generally been featured further forward, but is making a very strong case for himself as any position on the pitch by playing as well as he is.

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