Why Giroud Suits Arsenal

So here we have it, another article defending Giroud, but if you really think he is a problem, then you clearly are blinded by ignorance. Ok you are entitled your opinion, but let's have a look anyway. Olivier Giroud is no Robin van Persie, the man he had to replace at Arsenal in 2012, but he is a lot better than some people seem to think. (He is better this season than RVP take a look)

Giroud suits the Gunners' style of play because he is a player they can build off. He is good in the air but also at holding the ball up and playing in fast runners like Walcott or Tomas Rosicky going past him. He works hard and makes some very intelligent runs. Sometimes they create space for others. I mean the graphic above shows how Giroud combines with our midfield beautifully and therefore allowing the midfield to score more goals then they would if we had a different striker up front. Arsenal is very midfielder focused at the moment, and why wouldn't we be, we have the best one in the league. So you see it just fits with Giroud up front.

Take a look below, Giroud has scored 7 goals this season in the EPL, do you see any Chelsea players there? No? Well I see two Arsenal players. Then onto the assists he has 4. Do you see any Chelsea players? No again? Well then why are they getting the boast from Arsenal fans saying them or City will win the league? Giroud, Rooney and Aguero are the only 3 players to appear on both lists and that in itself should tell you something.

All this is not to say that Football 101 wouldn't love Robert Lewandowski to sign, the prospect of him and Giroud playing together is mouth watering, but I do not think the board or Wenger will do something like that. The fact remains that the way Arsenal are playing football, Giroud is perfect for that, but that is not to say that we can't change our style of play. This Jan window will tell us more, until then, go easy on the French Model, if you look closely you will see he is working hard for the Arsenal.

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