What's all the Panic for?

Olivier Giroud

I do believe that Arsenal fans may be the most fickle of all, or maybe that is not the correct word. I also believe that they (myself included) look for problems all the time, even when they may not be there. So I ask you....What on earth is all the panic about?

So we drew against Everton in our last league fixture and the Arsenal community for the most part respected that Everton had the game of their season (as echoed by their manager) and a point a piece was a fair if not good result. But there are those fans who thought the rain clouds were forming. 

Then let's skip ahead to the game against Napoli. We were in Italy, against a good side, their attack is pretty darn strong. And they had to win, they had far more motivation then us. Flam and Per have said that not having to win meant that they played a 90% game. What's more is that I actually think we dominated the game for the most part. The goal came from some Higuain magic (he did nothing for the rest of the game) and that is when momentum started to shift. Arsenal did push back but then Arteta was harshly sent off for a second foul and a second yellow. (the ref was a complete idiot). So we had our backs against the wall, with a late Napoli goal putting all our finger nails in our mouths. But we scraped through and we qualified for the knockout stages. 
So what is the problem, sure it would have been better to have an easier game up next....but we probably would have drawn AC Milan anyway. The point is, we have to play the big boys if we want to go far and even who knows...WIN. I have said this for a long time that I want Arsenal to be viewed in the light of Barca, Real and Bayern and I think this season we are showing our quality. We have to play them at some stage so let's face them now. And you know what I think we can win.

But sure there are many fans that believe the sky is falling, they are looking for someone to blame and for some reason that someone is Giroud. Now sure no one is going to argue that Arsenal need to sign a striker in the Jan window, but that is as a backup to Giroud. And that has been said by all including Arsene Wenger. Giroud is not to blame, he is no Suarez, but he doesn't pretend to be. He is a player that suits Arsenal's playing style. He is strong and able to win the ball hold it up and prepare for an Arsenal assault on goal. I promise you this that Arsenal wouldn't be sitting with 30 goals this season if he didn't give the ability for the midfielders to play off of him. If we had Suarez I guarantee you that Ramsey would not have as many goals. You cannot have your cake and eat it and I think this is the problem facing Arsenal fans at the moment. Giroud is class and the goals and assists tally at the end of the season will show all the doubters.

Until then we have City on Saturday and I for one believe that Arsenal will bounce back. We are 5 points clear at the top of the league, so in general, life as an Arsenal fan is pretty good. There is no need to panic. Until next time. Please like our Facebook page and put your email address in below.

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