Are we Ready to Fight? And the Whole Giroud Matter.

For some the gunners dropped 2 points at the Emirates is what you are saying and we missed the opportunity to go 7 points clear. For some this is an indication that we need a new striker. And for some this in an indication that we are going to have a troublesome few games. We some of that is true, but some of it is not. Arsenal fans are notorious for throwing the toys out of the cot as soon something doesn't go their way so this is no surprise that fans have been throwing around wild thoughts. But you have to stay calm in times like this and prepare to fight....

As Flamini has just said the players need to stay focused and carry on the fight. And I believe they can and will. This is not the Arsenal of old that would get on a good run only to crumble at the first stumbling block, this is an Arsenal with level heads like Arteta, Flamini, Per and Sagna. With stars like Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud. Yes I said Giroud, but I'll get to that later. This is an Arsenal that has the players to take it all the way. And I believe we can, we just need to be ready to fight. Everton has only lost one game this season and that is for a good reason. They are a quality side. In every part of the team their is a quality player, but more importantly players that give 200%. Martinez is a great manager and has really gotten the best out of his team. Jagielka and Distin are probably the second best center pairing in the league (ours are first of course) so it was always going to be tough and Lukaku, I am still baffled as to why Chelsea let him go on loan? He is a menace and would cause any defense in the world problems. So to drop points on our toughest biggest battle yet is not the end of the world, it's how we respond that matters.

Now onto the Giroud matter. I cannot believe that I have seen fans saying he is useless and Arsene Wenger needs to buy a replacement. Someone even said he is a waste. To that I clearly didn't watch the game properly. Giroud is a work horse and he was doing battle with Jagielka and Distin. And you know what he did great. He was always holding the ball, winning it in the air and was one of the only players that was completing his passes. You say Suarez is better, well that is like saying Gold is better than Silver, we can all see that, but Suarez is the best in the league and if we want Suarez we would have to pay 70 million. Would you be happy with that? Would you really? And more so, Wenger will not pay that and rightly so. Secondly, do you like the way that Arsenal have been playing this season? Yes you say (no one would say no) well Giroud is vital to the way we have been playing this season. He holds the ball and allows the midfield to get forward create chances and score goals. He creates chances, 20 this season to be exact and the interplay with himself and the midfield has been a joy to watch. For many of the fans that criticize him, I know they do not watch the game and rather, listen to commentary, watch highlights or just read match reports. The point is you need to watch Giroud and the work he does, the way he moves and the way he shows his quality. 

Do you Believe in Giroud?

I am a huge Giroud fan and if you are not, all I can say is you probably hated Ramsey as well and look how that turned out. Arsenal fans love to find problems where there aren't any, so stay calm and get ready for the fight, we have 3 tough games coming up and we are going to all need to unite behind our boys.   

Below is a graph from a few games back but the point remains. Giroud is quality and if you can't see it then you need glasses.

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