A Rethink of Arsenal's Policy

Guest Post by: Sam Murray

Unless there is a Wayne Rooney-like turnaround it looks like the magnificent Robin van Persie will be cashing in, as so many have in recent years, and moving away from the Emirates Stadium. Since the Gunners last won a trophy-a real one not the Markus Liebherr cup or the Emirates cup for that matter- Arsene Wenger has sold names such as Cesc Fabregas, Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole, Samir Nasri and Lassana Diarra.

RVP announcing he wasn’t going to sign another contract was hardly a shock: how can it be when it happens every f#!king summer. For once though, perhaps we need to stop blaming modern football/footballers for lacking loyalty and only chasing the paper stuff. After all the drawn out transfers, all the disappointment, all the starting again with youth we just need to realise we aren’t doing enough to keep these players.

Taking off my Arsenal hat I can accept that footballers want to win titles or cups. This season Fabregas has won the Copa del Rey, Nasri and Clichy have won the Premier League and Lassana Diarra won La Liga. Add to that a huge wage increase and it is very clear that at the moment, Arsenal are offering the best players in the world very little.

A complete turnaround is needed in Arsenal’s safety first monetary policy. Players need to be brought in that make the bench look like they can play a bit, rather than resembling competition winners from a local primary school.

Added to that Arsenal need to sacrifice some money and keep hold of RVP; let his contract run out if needs be; gamble on a front three of him, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud winning silverware. Only with some more metal in our trophy cabinet, rather than the dust that has settled there, can we hope to attract and retain real star names.

In essence what is needed is bravery from the board and more importantly a bit respect for the long suffering Gooners who pay one of, if not the, highest ticket prices in the Premier League. Only with this can we keep the Fabregas’s and the Van Persie’s of the future.


  1. I just wonder if the author of this post has any clue as to how much it would take to "completely turnaround our monetary policy". If it means letting Usmanov control the club, it's not a realistic "gamble". He's not trustworthy. For th record, until someone works out the exact number, to compete with Shitty and Chavs (i.e keep R$VP and bring in others with parity) I think it would cost in excess of 2 bn over 2 years. The ticket purchases won't pay for but a small % of that. So where does the money come from? Short/long term debt. Heard of Leeds, West Ham, Glasgow Rangers. Thought not.
    WE are The Arsenal. Forever.

    1. I dont think he means 2bn, I think he just wants Arsenal to offer wages that can keep the like of VP

  2. I meant 2bn over 3 years.

  3. I dont know. I mean its always good to hear what all Arsenal fans think. I can see what this guy was getting at. He is just frustrated as many Arsenal fans are. I dont know where you get 2bn from, but if thats what you think, then thats ok. Rangers are a totally different situation, they were hiding their debt in a very stupid way that came back to bite them hard. I too am Arsenal forever and I dont necessarily agree with the author, but i do understand the frustration.