The Red and White Send Us a Signal of Hope

Below is the Full text of Usmanov letter to the Arsenal board, I have read it again and again, I just have to say that with everything that has been happening lately and summing up these past few years....I say lets get the Red and White in Charge. Agree or Disagree but that is how we at Football101 feel

Red White letter to Arsenal


  1. Agree with you 100%.

    At the end of the day, Usmanov is a fan like us and is desperate for the club to win trophies -- something I cannot say ranks as the top priority (if at all) for Kroenke and the suits currently on the board.

    I went searching for news and reactions to the R&W letter on various Arsenal fan sites. On one site, I was met with a lead story about Arsenal turning a 49 million profit or some such. How sad that many supporters now placate themselves merely with "pride" in a club sustainability model and pat themselves on the back as not being "glory hunters" like the uneducated masses who talk about such plebeian indulgences as trophies and the like. Thank you Mr. Usmanov for boldly offering an alternative vision to the (prevailing ?) false dichotomy that alleges a club must either balance its books and be content with second tier status or achieve honors while plunging into hopeless debt.

    Has the time come for supporters to protest and press for a Usmanov takeover -- if, as expected, the sustainability gurus on the current board remains absolutely intransigent in the resolve to bilk the faithful and to continue to oversee Arsenal's descent?

    1. I agree with Both of u. Stan for me was the worst thing that could happen to us

  2. If anything, he is a manchester united fan more than Arsenal...!! Where is the guarantee that he will actually do what he says? Isn't it easy enough to say all the things that fans want to hear when you don't really have to do anything to prove it?

  3. Stan is bad, but hiring a shady Russian is worse. There are no good options for the board right now and you're kidding yourself if you think selling the teams soul is worth a few glory years trying to outspend Man City and Chelsea.