It’s all about the Benjamin’s

In recent years as Gooners fans we have come to see the transfer window as a period of uncertainty, will he stay, will he go and this window is no different. Robin Van Persie our hero and captain from last season has one foot out the door. Theo Walcott as well has been linked with Liverpool and Chelsea, this came as a surprise to me, but they both boil down to the same thing…money.

Walcott wants a new contract, but he wants in the excess of £100 000 a week. Does Walcott really deserve that? If I am honest, I think Hell No! I have always been critical of Theo along with many other fans, but don’t get me wrong if Theo gets his head straight and puts pen to paper for a reasonable amount then I am all for him staying. However should he demand an outrageous amount and wants to leave, I say good riddance. Last season he would have 1 good game and then 5 where he was either very average or was actually the victim of allot of hate on twitter. Countless times did I see fans calling for the OX to play in his place? Well that will happen if he leaves, we also must remember with much joy that we have Giroud and Podolski in now. So if Theo wants out, I say we show him the door.

The case with VP is a little different he claims it’s not that he wants a higher salary even though we are willing to offer him a bumper salary of £130 000 and a hefty sign on fee, but rather he says it’s a question of ambition. Blah blah blah blah we’ve all read the news and blog posts a 100 times. All I want to say on the matter is that in his letter, he stated basically he doesn’t see Arsenal spending enough to win the league. So again it’s all about the Benjamin’s. I have taken some flak for my support of VP, but I think I will always be a Van Persie fan, if he thinks he is bigger than the club then he can leave as someone else will always step up to take his place. But I would very much like us to set a precedent and keep VP, to show players they signed a contract and cannot just leave when they feel like it. Tell the Nasri’s and Flamini’s of the word to shut the F#*k up and sit down. But we shall see how it all goes, who knows which way the wind will blow.

Let’s look at some more Benjamin’s, whoever said that money makes the world go round was clearly watching a Premier League match of Chelsea vs Man City. City is yet to make any massive moves, but Chelsea! It seems they want to buy everyone. This is why I hate Chelsea so much; they don’t buy smart thy just buy. I respect Ferguson, because even though Man United has the money to splash. He prefers to buy the players that he needs, that fit into his team. Chelsea is the definition of silly money. Wenger recently said that we can still compete for the title and Champions league, without spending silly money. I for one say, hazzzarrrr to Prof and agree. As I read recently in one of my favourite blogs the Goonerholic……

Arsenal was, Arsenal is and Arsenal will be!

Keep the Faith

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