If Diaby is Fit? What does that even Mean?

In these times of rumours it’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t. Everywhere you turn there is a “credible source” that just happens to have the scoop. More than often it’s just a comedy piece written by someone who to be honest is probably a Sp#%s fan that just wants to ruffle feathers. But as we sift through the pile of this and that, sometimes we can see a sign or a pattern that may give you a clue of what might really happen.

Even Wenger these days is a Sly Devil; he will never come out and say what he means. This also could be that every time Wenger says he is keen on a player, the Money Kings of Chelsea, City and the like stick their heads up and end up poaching us. So when you hear Wenger saying that he has no interest in M’Vila if Diaby stays fit you have to read between the lines, here is what he said.

“You can’t imagine how happy I am firstly to have him in the squad, because he is an exceptional player,” Wenger said. “I am cautious but confident because he had two hard weeks and came through it well.

“This tour is another decider for him. He will play on Tuesday night and now it is down to uncontrolled movement in games: how does your body react to that? I am confident with what I have seen in training that he will do it”.

“He is the first player who would be on the France team sheet in midfield when he is fit. Laurent Blanc said that before the European Championship and he waited a very long time to know if he could play or not. But he couldn’t.”

All I can say is that saying “No M’Vila interest if Diaby stays fit” is like saying there is interest in M’Vila, Diaby never stays fit. I personally have never been a fan of Diaby. He always seems to not be interested in the game and always pulls a face like we owe him something at Arsenal. Bring on M’Vila you sly devil.

Speaking of sly, when quizzed about the Cazorla link, Wenger quipped: "I don't know this guy!" ahhh Wenger you cheeky bugger, didn’t you say that about Podolski and so many others. All I can say is whether you choose to buy into rumours or look for clues to what is really happening, there is a lot still in store for the Gunners, good or bad.

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