England, Panama Pillow Fight at the FIFA World Cup

It seems as if the battle between England and Panama was more of a man’s pillow fight rather than a soccer match. On Sunday, 24 June 2018 we witnessed the English team clashing with Panama. England scored 6 goals and Panama scored only one. It was actually like cutting into a cake for the English team while Panama was struggling to stand on its feet since as it was getting heavy blows from its opponent. In the first half, England managed to get its first four scores while Panama was still staggering.
Harry Kane

Captain Kane became the leading scorer in the FIFA World Cup tournament on this day. Kane scored 3 goals in a match played against Panama. Harry Kane scored his first two goals from the penalty spot in the first half. Later on, he scored a third goal to achieve his hat-trick. Now everyone from top online casinos and sports betting sites is waiting to see if Kane will break James Rodrigues record. Rodrigues become the top scorer in 2014 by achieving 6 goals in the World Cup tournament. However, anything can happen in the World Cup. Let's wait and see what happens.

John Stones

The English team defender helped its team to climb the ladder with two goals. These were his first goals since he started playing for the Three Lions. It was the first time in the English Team history to score five goals in the first half.

Felipe Baloy

Even though England walks away with the most pillow blows in the match against Panama, at least Panama’s defender Felipe Baloy gave them one huge blow they will remember. Defender Baloy did not only get one goal during the June 24 match, he also broke the record of Panama getting their first goal in the FIFA World Cup finals. And the celebrations where like those of someone who had won a real money online casino jackpot from pokies online Australia.

Jesse Lingard
The most beautiful score come from Jesse Lingard. An absolute screamer of a goal. Lingard earned himself a penalty kick after being aggressively tackled down in the penalty box. Lingard stepped up to show that he is a lion with a nasty bite with his 36th-minute goal.

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