We are the Kings of London

So its 6 wins in a row for the Arsenal and I am sure that Arsene Wenger will be receiving the manager of the month award for March, after all he has done what many a few months ago would have laughed at…Arsenal moving into 3rd.

But you know what, there is a reason that we say ‘keep the faith’ over and over, it’s because, well quite frankly we effing believe it. We are the Kings of London and we can finish 3rd I believe it. We have leapfrogged our evil rivals who a few months ago were laughing their heads off at us, well you clowns, you who is laughing now. Without Bale and Modric they are nothing. The Russian money are sitting in 5th and what is hilarious is that the Verminator is scoring more than double as freely as Fernado “have faith in me” Torres. Spurs are off to the Bridge to play Chelsea where basically any result is good for us, as long as we beat Villa.

It’s Villa on the weekend and I cannot wait. The Kings of London indeed, Rosicky who is a definite candidate for player of the month has been in fine form and I would like to see it continue. I do not see a reason why Arsenal cannot go the rest of the season unbeaten.

This has been helped of course by the amazing Robin Van Persie, but also by the form of our defence, the back five if you will. Szczesny, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Sagna and Gibbs, they are Arsenal’s strongest in a long time and have been in fine form. Sagna and Gibbs’s bombing down the wing is something we desperately missed and has added a zing to our game. The strength and power of the 2 centre halves has also been very impressive and to top it off our young Pole keeper has been growing in statue every game.

The Kings of London, it has been a while since we could say that, and with a few signings in the Transfer market I can very much see us becoming the Kings of England.

Keep the Faith…..

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