Well Done Boys….sigh

Yes what a game and yes everyone wrote us off AND yes it turned out to be quite disappointing in the end. To be that close to one of the greatest comebacks of all time to just fall short is actually rather heartbreaking.

Koscielny in the 7th minute made me ‘Jump and Jive’ and as his header crashed into back of the net I found myself screaming only to hear my friends say ‘it’s a long way to go’. But less than 20 minutes later a new and improved (where the hell did he come from) Rosicky capitalised on an AC Milan error and it was 2-0. We were at base camp and I am sure like me you were jumping around.

Then came the beautiful OX himself, bursting through the gap causing an OX sandwich, which resulted in a penalty, not thanks to that useless ref, but his assistant who indicated the penalty. BANG “he scores when he wants” VP makes it 3-0 ….we survived a scare or two, but we went into the half looking like it was going to be our night.

The second half I think our boys were a bit tired after the amazing effort they had put in the first half, the OX was tired and you could also see Song starting to take strain. The Gervinho break and defected save that fell to Van Persie got me on my feet and I tell you my heart was in my mouth. I can’t fault the Dutch master, because let’s face it he is amazing, but I do wish he had of blasted it into the net. Ahhhh but alas it wasn’t to be, he tried to neatly chip it into the net and straight into the keeper…..in the End we could not do it, Park is no Walcott and Chamakh is no OX, but what I can say is that the Boys did us so proud and we need to carry this momentum and catch those bloody spurs.

I am so proud to be a Gooner and I will be till the day I die, the effort put in by the boys was amazing.


  1. new and improved.. these are the calls for another trophy. :-)

  2. Poldski will be a great transfer for the Arsenal team .
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