The Gunners: No Turning Back

The Gunners absolutely thrashed a hapless Blackburn last week 7-1 with Captain fantastic and the young OX stealing the show. All the players played well and we could afford to laugh and smile. But now wipe those smiles off your faces it’s time for battle, its Sunderland away this weekend and they are no push over’s like Blackburn.

Critics have said that Arsenal although we played beautiful football should not be so overjoyed about the Blackburn for the fact that we still sit in 6th place and we were expected to beat them easily. I have two things to say to the critics, firstly you can p@&s off and 2ndly sadly I see your point. Arsenal has dropped far too many points in recent weeks and need this win to help push them onto a run of games where we manage to grab maximum points. We cannot afford to lose any more games if we are going to qualify for Champions league. Walcott needs to show that he cannot just have one good game and then all he is right, he needs to play like that week in week out. As for the OX he is looking great.

We especially cannot afford to lose a game to Spurs of all teams. I could not bear them winning the league and I still believe we have a hope of chasing them down. They have had very good luck with injuries so far, but there are still plenty games to come.

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