What’s in a Rumour?

Now I do love a good rumour, I was not pleased however with the one involving Hazard, in that Arsene Wenger said we Arsenal needs profits and we would have to sell to afford him. Sure we built a stadium, but surely he and the board don’t expect us to believe that the “great” signings that we bought in matched the cash that we got from Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy. It just boils the blood when I hear stuff like that and I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent constructing letters to the Arsenal board.

Anyway can’t hang onto that, the rumour that I was talking about was that delicious one about Arsenal being interested in snapping up Daniel Sturridge. Now he is a player that I have always liked, and like Wilshere he benefited from going on a season long loan to Bolton (that seems to be the place to send your up and coming stars). He is quick and a known goal scorer, what is more important is that he can play out wide, because with Arsene Wenger’s current one striker formation there is no room in the first team for another striker with the way Robin Van Persie is playing. The Chelsea man is said to be frustrated with the amount of game time he gets, even when he is constantly proving himself.

And who wouldn’t be frustrated with a clown like Torres, who couldn’t score if the goal was wide open with no keeper (literally), is getting game time ahead of you. And not to mention when out of form players like Malouda are still higher on the pecking order. I for one would be very happy to see the Englishman join our ranks, I have made no attempt to hide that I would like to see Walcott benched and this would be the perfect time.

Let’s just hope this is a true rumour …… Keep the Faith

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