Time for Some Heads to Roll

Sure we all try to be positive and keep the faith, but it is in human nature to get angry and want to know what the hell happened. Of course you all know that I am talking about the shocking display of football yesterday that saw the gunners defeated 3-2 at the hands of Swansea.

It all started so promising, with captain fantastic, goal scoring machine Robin van Persie scoring the opener to give the guns the lead. But alas a dubious penalty was given for an apparent Ramsey foul on Dyer and Sinclair slotted the spot kick to draw things level.

I won’t go over to many of the details as I am sure most of you were watching but we can look at what went wrong. I know Djourou is not a full back, but he is a defender and his marking is simply awful. Miguel is a much better player and my only hope is for the United game when the Verminator is hopefully back, that we use the young Spaniard instead of the hopeless Swiss clown. Also the OX is ready to go he is looking like he could catch fire at any moment, Arshavin on the other hand is to be quite honest a pile of rubbish. He as blown hot and cold for a while now, and maybe it is time he catches the next bus back to Russia.

As for Walcott, sure he scored a goal and it was a good finish, but where was he for the rest of the game, for seasons now we have heard him and fans alike say that this is his season to shine, but yet he doesn’t. His decision making is extremely poor to say the least, and his passing and crossing is about as effective as Andy Carrol in front of goal. He needs to wake up because when Gervinho returns, Walcott could find himself sitting bench, with the OX taking his place.

My head is hung low because that was a very poor team performance, Fulham and now Swansea, it is not looking good and I wish Arsene Wenger would just break the mould and enter the transfer market, maybe even just to off load some of that driftwood.

Keep the Faith……….

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  1. Djourou is the worst Arsenal player when it comes to ball skills. Everytime he sticks out his large backside to shield he never looks like he will retain it. I would think Miquel has displayed way more skill and I would agree he is a better proposition than Johann. I would suggest he is not far off being our No. 4 CH either.

  2. Haha, love the image of Djourou. He really does look like that when he plays. Good call.