Arsenal Need Changes

When the season started we saw Arsenal have a shocking start, most of all that loss to Manchester United that saw us thumped 8-2. But since lying in 17th position and outlandish whispers of relegation and Arsene ‘the Boss’ Wenger being sacked, we have made a steady recovery that even had me and my father, who by the way is the biggest pessimist, dreaming that Arsenal could go on an even challenge for the title, but alas the past two results have shown that Arsenal need something and more importantly need some things to change.

The losses against Fulham and Swansea, showed a number of things, but one in particular was highlighted again Arsenal need to improve their defence. Even our fearless Polish keeper made some mistakes that he will need to improve on asap. As for the defence Djourou again is the man I aim a lot of the blame at. Sent off against Fulham for two needless challenges and really to sum it all up he is a poor defender. Watching him mark his man is like waiting for De Gea to catch a ball; it’s just not going to happen. Arsene needs to see that Miguel is better and that we still need to find a solution at the back, we can’t just keep blaming it on injuries, and there is a fundamental problem. The Verminator comes back this week so hopefully he will light a fire under the clowns at the back and they will sharpen up.

Arshavin, it’s time to go my man, time and time again I have heard let’s give him a chance, but the fact is he is tired, very very tired. He adds nothing for me and you can see in his face that he knows it as well. As for Theo who thinks the world of himself, its time ship up or ship off, I know I have said it before but my word, some of the things he does blow my mind.

In the end we do need a stronger squad, yes our youngsters look exciting, but we have been saying that for years, the fact is we need a stronger squad for when injuries occur, we need to offload drift wood like Diaby (who knows when that clown will play again) and splash some cash.

Keep the Faith

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