Arsenal vs Man United: Can the Guns do it?

On Sunday will see the return fixture of the 8-2 thumping Arsenal received in the beginning of the season at Old Trafford. Now it’s at the Emirates and should prove to be a whole different Arsenal. However there are huge problems for Arsenal at the moment, with injuries and current form, what all gunners will be wondering is, can we pull of a win?

I had hoped that the Verminator would be back for the game, but it is looking unlucky as he still has a calf problem. This could prove costly for us, because as of late our defensive holes have appeared everywhere. With Sagna, Gibbs, Coquelin, Santos and Jenkinson all still out Arsenal are going to have it all to do to keep out the like of Rooney and Nani. What is also means is that Miquel and Djourou are going to be in fullback positions, I am less worried about the young Spaniard, but more with the “defender” they call Djourou. He is a shocker and I only hope he learns to mark before Sunday.

In the midfield Arteta is defiantly out and this is a worry for me, he has been crucial in allowing Song to be more creative and I don’t think with Wishere out that there is a suitable replacement. As for the King Henry he is carrying a little knock and I don’t think he will be playing, but I do hope that he gives some inspiring words to the troops.

Can we do it? I think so if our centre backs hold strong and Song does what he does best I think we can handle their front men. With them having Rio at the back (he is toilet) there will be gaps for Van Persie to exploit. Evans is a bag of mistakes and Jones and Smalling have also had dips in form. So the weak point of United is defiantly at the back for them. Arshavin is not the same as he once was, but let’s hope he can spark something, I would love the Boss to start the OX, but we all know this will not happen. Walcott will play on the right as Wenger has a blinded love for the man, let’s be honest he is in poor form, but then again I hope he can perform on the big day.

There are a lot of things up in the air and all we can do is believe that captian fantastic VP will lead us to a great victory….Keep the Faith

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