Arsene Wenger makes his views clear.

Arsene Wenger has recently said to the press that the January transfer market should be closed as it is unfair. He feels it gives clubs like Man City and Chelsea an edge as they are able to repair their squads, if there are injuries and other complications, while other clubs must rely on the squads they submitted and youngsters within the clubs. What’s my view on the whole situation? It is a little more complicated than that.

On the one hand I see where Arsene “the Boss” Wenger is coming from, clowns like Man City can blame a draw on losing Yaya Toure to the African Cup of Nations, even though their squad is the strongest of any squad around. And then simply say they need to bring in a 20 million replacement no problems at all. So I can see how this could be seen as unfair to other sides, especially to the minnows. Also if you get injuries I can see that then it should come down to how well a team can be managed and handle all the changes and problems. It should come down to playing reserves and youngsters in those positions as that is a real indication of the team strength and quality.

However on the other side of the coin, this rule has been around for some while and Arsenal have been known to bring in a purchase or two, not of late, but we have. That said Arsenal are not a poor club by no means and it still baffles me that Wenger or the board, do not spend some funds. Especially when we are so short at the back. Arsene Wenger also needs to realise that he cannot complain about everything when it doesn’t go his way, he is the captain of our ship, but sometimes I think he cannot see what is right in front of him. Example I’ll say it one more time Djourou is useless, simply useless.

Other than that we need to get ready for United, I have a good feeling about the game, but that might just be me.

Keep the Faith

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