What Now Arsenal?

Last night saw the Gunners fall further behind the top four, we actually dropped to 7th place and we can forget Champions league in that position, it’s not even good enough for Europa. There are certain things that we must all be wondering; firstly I really do wonder if Arsene Wenger needs glasses sometimes as it blows my mind that he cannot see some of the things that are so obvious to all of us. Secondly in another matter, what is wrong with our medical staff?

Bolton….Bolton….in the past that would have been a foregone conclusion that the Gunners would pick up the three points, but no, chance after chance, the Arsenal could not convert. Aaron Ramsey had a clear cut chance from a beautiful pass from the amazing Robin Van Persie, only to stretch when he had time and pushed it straight at the keeper. Van Persie I fear will be on his way out of the Gunners if we do not make the Champions league. He was great to watch, twisting and turning at every opportunity. Hit the post with and then the cross bar that would have hands down been goal of the season.

Apart from him there was nothing to really be happy about. Sagna looked good and I am glad to have him back, Arteta played well and actually made a few runs. The OX always seems to offer something and this is my point. Wenger must have bad eyesight, because I am sorry, but Walcott is terrible, all he has is speed, at every opportunity he loses the ball. OX is much better than he is, and I can’t understand how Wenger subs him ahead of Walcott. Argue with me if you want, but you won’t change my mind on this one. Wenger should have dipped into the transfer market and found quality striker, because, fact is VP cannot do it on his own.

My next point is our medical staff, Jack Wilshere out for the whole season and there are rumours that it could be career threatening. We have always had a problem with injuries and it’s not just the odd season, its every season. I would love to get the medical staff and facility audited by Chelsea or Liverpool staff and see the differences.

Anyway what can we really do but moan and complain and look up at the footballing God’s and just ask when oh when will you smile down on the Gunners?.

Keep the Faith.

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