I really hate the international break, sure you get to see you respective countries in action and qualifying for the various competitions, but I much prefer club football. I like to think of myself as a member and patriot of an Arsenal Nation, a Arsenation, Arsenaland or Arsetopia, and in this land it has glorious people who all support that mighty Gunners and we get to go to games every day, because what else do you do in Arsetopia. A place where people from all over the world can live in peace with their love of Arsenal and just hang out with Arsene and the players. I seem to have drifted a bit, what I was meant to say is that I am not a fan of the international break, there is nothing better than watching football on the weekend and seeing the Gunners gracing the field.

Let’s all just make a push to get international football banned (ok we know this will never happen), but club football for me is the be all and end all. This weekend will see us host Swansea and surely the Gunners will be able to bring home their first 3 points. I also hope that with the new signings and the strengthening of the squad that we can win comfortably. A win like that would instill confidence solidly back in the team. What's good to see is that our strikers are firing. New signing Park scored a hatrick for South Korea and our fearless captain Mr Van Persie scored 4 for Netherlands and they demolished poor San Marino 11-0. So things are looking up for the Gunners when not so long ago I was thinking about jumping off a bridge I was so depressed with what was going on. I am not sure if these signings can bring us the title, but I am sure they will keep us in the top 4.

In other news Wilshere is expected to be out for possibly 3 months, I don’t like the sound of that one bit. As I said in a previous post (Arsenal’s Greatest Signing would be a new Medical Staff) what is deal with our medical staff? We already have injuries coming out of our ears and I don’t like it one bit. Sure Wenger says it’s because he pushed himself so much last season, but the boy is 19, in the days of Sparta they ran miles every day and fought in battle and back then they didn’t have a multi million pound medical teams. There has to be something we are doing or not doing that is causing the problems. Someone get in there and check it out, we need the Jack back in action as soon as possible…

Keep the Faith…….

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