The Order Has Been Put Forward…

As I last left off, touching slightly on the issue of Cesc Fabregas, it has been reported that Arsene Wenger has given the ok for the Spanish midfielder to be sold. For the right price I would imagine. This has become a pain in the ass for the club and its supporters for two years now. A European rivalry has formed with Barcelona.

It’s sad to see such a great player just simply give up hope and leave a club that has furthered his development in the beautiful game. In a way his departure will be of some relief and disbelief. Not every player can be as loyal as the Iceman. Cesc’s number has been given away at the Catalan club, that’s a shame (I’m being sarcastic). Good luck to you so-called skipper, thanks for kissing the badge and spitting on it. If we can all remember Alesander Hleb, a midfielder who was once a target and member for Barcelona, made the eager jump to a much more powerful and silverware showered club. By the way that had taken much strength and the fact I had to swallow my Gunner pride to type that statement. Hleb was a good outfield player for the club, great visions, touch, and control. Oh fuck it, basically the Arsenal way!

Unfortunately our friend was only able to make 36 appearances in which resulted in his loan to Stuttgart the following year. 'When you mostly sit on the bench, winning titles brings very little joy, while getting to the last eight of the Champions League with Arsenal was unforgettable,' stated Hleb to the MailOnline. Though Wenger brought back the likes of Sol and Jens I can truthfully say I cannot see the Arsenal faithful embracing a welcome back to the Spanish midfielder. Oh by the way, good luck obtaining a starting midfield position.

Now for the good news! We have money to spend!

Cheer up folks! Cesc is replaceable. We have Jack and Aaron who can perform the same task as he once did, that dilemma is solved. The only player I honestly feel they should focus on at the moment is Samir. No one can do what he does.

Now back to the issue of Juan Mata. So two bids have been rejected. I’m really not worried, with the cash being brought in from the Fabregas transfer (hopefully with some of Bendtner’s and Almunia’s as well) we can up the offer and give the fat lady a lozenge. Mata can add more vision and the close control that Cesc possessed. Also, he has the capability to beat his man to the ball and offer’s a bit more speed.

Finally, just sign Joey Barton. Need I mention what the man can do? As I wrote in my previous entry, “Arsenal Need More Grit”, we need that enforcer. A no hold bar fellow who could make you think twice about standing next to him. Imagine all the crying Barcelona would commence in when falling victim to his tackle. No more need to touch on this subject. Sign him and pair up with Song.

I could write a book about this summer, the rumors, the truths, and the bollocks. I’ll save some. Until next time. ARSENAL WE LOVE YOU!

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