A Bar Fighter and a Spanish Ballerina

So Joey Barton once again has shown his distaste for his Newcastle employers and it looks like he will be let go on a free. It seems that Newcastle has had enough from the brawling Geordie, but I think I am still liking the idea of Arsenal snapping him up. On the other front I am hoping that it is only a Mata of time until we sign the Spanish ballerina, I feel along with all guns that he will be a great asset to us…

Barton has had a few cheap shots through Twitter at his Newcastle bosses and clearly wants to leave. What’s more is it seems that they are fed up with him and will grant him a free transfer and once again Arsenal are reported to be front runners again to sign him (well according to Goal.com and who can really trust them). But Wenger has not tried to hide the fact that Arsenal’s midfield need some experience and who better than a free Joey “look at me wrong and I’ll kill your children” Barton. As I said in my previous post about the man, he is hated, and many Gunners fans would hate for him to come, but I would love it. We need that fierce midfielder and as @Mexican_Charlie said in his guest post “Arsenal Need some Grit”, and who of us can argue that we don’t. Barton will bring us just that, that I will break your legs if you try dribble past me mentality that will put fear in the hearts of opponents. No longer will Arsenal be seen as push over’s, but Song and Wilshere will step up with their evil team mate and bring back the Parlour, Petit and Veira grit that I surely do miss.

But what Arsenal are known for is our technical beauty and that’s why we need to bring in the Spanish Ballerina Mata so as to make sure we keep that class intact. With Cesc or Nasri or both on their way out, we need to nail down this signing and nail it down now. We can’t let another beautiful signing that would ease fan pressure slip through our fingers. Worse yet we can’t let those dirty Spurs get their hands on him that will not sit well with us at all. Arsenal have the resources or so they say, so lets bring in Mata now and with this combination of Barton and Mata, we can have style, grace, brute force and passion added to a team that just needs that little extra to fulfill so much.

Come on Arsene….Keep the Faith …

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  1. Barton.....I havent really thought about it, I guess he would be ok, and if it was free that would be a plus. Mata he is a must