Next No.4 @ Camp Nou?

Some Barca Fan trying to be funny..translated: but Cesc is very comfortable here at Arsenal 

My new employer @football101blog has often quoted, although he does state that they are not to be trusted (but what rumors can you really trust),that I don't know, so I need to go there always to check on Arsenal-related news. I like to look at 'goal' too anyways. Something drove me there some days ago and it was something about Cesc and Alcántara, after I saw the link on Twitter.

The headline was "Come in No. 4, or your time may be up....... ". It was a cautious call to our current young skipper from his childhood club who never stop sniffing his arse like some organisms of the biological kingdom: Animalia do.

It seems certain Thiago Alcántara is coming through the ranks over there at Catalonia(or is it Catalunya,who cares?),so that, according to 'Pep'perish 'Guard'iola, this should serve as a warning to Cesc that he might not after all be the one who would be donning the much-hailed no 4 jersey. The present coach donned it when he played while Xavi watched on at the time. In truism, the Barca history is beautiful but would come right after the Arsenal history in whatever sense (well, according to me).

Every gunner no matter how much we love Cesc know 1 day, he'll be at Camp Nou, but we all hate how Barca are trying to get him especially this season. Guardiola said a striker is their main priority, followed by a midfielder whom many know is Cesc, but I start to wonder: what about Villa? Whether they'll change their formation to 4-4-2 cause of Alexis Sanchez, should I bother to think? Def not! And when it's all said and done, they could purchase a not-so-established player for 35m and after that, they claim Cesc's value has reduced. Why don't they beg instead and simply admit they can't get Cesc at the Arsenal price, but no, they keep doing it the irritating way. I just don't know why we the gooners on Twitter haven't thought of getting our guns and marching off all the way from Emirates to Camp Nou and gun them all down......btw, that should be a joke, I think it is.

In as much as I/We still want Cesc to stay this season, (sure we will still say the same next season), whether he performs only 50%, it still shows. So much do I admire his passes that each time I think of Football, his side-splitting, through passes comes to mind. But certainly, he'll go one day or another, and because I love the man, I don't want any other person to wear that much coveted no.4 jersey at Camp Nou except Fran'cesc' Fabregas Soler.

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  1. Great post, Love the pic, i hope fabregas stays...oh and i hate Barcelona